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Ferrari marks 11 years of disappointment

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New special edition to celebrate not winning an F1 title since 2008

Ferrari has announced a new version of the 488 Pista to mark an eleventh season of not winning the F1 championship.

The new 488 Undici Delusioni will boast several unique features designed to reflect yet another season of raised hopes followed by crushed dreams, starting with a brochure that talks a little too confidently about how good it is.

Mechanically, the Undici Delusioni will feature a re-tuned engine which is strong at the start of the rev range, suspiciously powerful in the middle, and then activates a second sensor which causes it to tail off.

Cosmetically, each Undici Delusioni will come in the usual range of 488 colours, but with a bag of ice on top.

As a final touch, every Undici Delusioni is just a little bit wider than Sebastian Vettel thinks.