BBC reveals new Top Gear opinions

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Beeb re-boots Sunday night discussion topic

The BBC has this week announced new opinions about Top Gear.

The new opinions will start appearing online, although they will initially be alongside the much-loved old opinions ‘it’s all scripted’ and ‘they need to get back to just testing cars’.

The new opinions will also sit alongside the ever-popular ‘it’s an entertainment show, not a car show’, delivered as if no one has thought of this before. Former opinion ‘I don’t know this guy and I don’t care’ will continue elsewhere.

Top Gear has seen several new opinions recently, following the departure of the long-running ‘he’s just saying that for effect’ who departed after an incorrect belief which followed a fact that has been referred to ever since. More recent opinions have also included ‘I don’t like him on the F1 either’, ‘he’s just an actor’ and ‘ginger twat’.

Long-time Top Gear watchers will get to see the new opinions immediately, and for about 120 pages per thread, even though the show itself won’t be on until next year.

Contents of the new series are, as yet, unknown but are sure to see the return of the ever-popular ‘if you don’t like it then why are you watching it?’