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George Russell still getting to grips with less pace than he’s used to

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Brit battler suffering speed shortfall

After his first F1 race in the Williams on Sunday, British rookie George Russell is still on a learning curve in a car that is slower than he’s used to.

“George has been surprised by the relatively slow pace compared to the car he’s come from,” explained Williams insider William Sinsyder. “But that’s to be expected when you step out of a competitive machine and into one that is still in the early stages of its development”.

“George knows Williams has a big hill to climb,” added another team staff, Anne Otherteam-Staffur. “He’s not expecting miracles but he would like the F1 car’s pace to at least come close to matching the car he’s stepped out of.”

Williams sources say they are working flat out to give their 2019 F1 challenger a performance boost that will allow it to “get fairly close” to the non-F1 car Russell has become familiar with. However, if he keeps posting unrealistic requests for the FW42 to become faster than the car he’s just come from, they may have to take his Mercedes A180d company car away.