New Supra fit to fill the boots of all those old Supras no one liked at the time

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Cool coupe not cack say commentators

The road testers’ verdicts are in at last and car enthusiasts everywhere will be breathing a sigh of relief to hear that the new Toyota Supra is a worthy successor to all those classic Supras that no one liked at the time.

One of the first reviewers to post a write-up was Benedict Helm of Wheeling magazine; “There’s no doubt the new Supra is worthy to wear the badge,” he wrote. “It’s a true sports car in the mould of the old Supra which this very magazine described as fat, lazy and disappointing”.

“In developing this car the weight of history has rested on Toyota’s shoulders,” noted Will Tillerman of Hot Rubber. “Wearing such a well-known badge, this machine had to be good, unlike Supras from the past which were generally considered to be terrible.”

Meanwhile, Josh Wheelsmith of acknowledged that the new car has been a long time coming; “Spoiler alert; this car is great. Has it been worth the wait? I’m going to say yes, because without a 21 year gap between this and its predecessor we wouldn’t have had time to become convinced that we needed a new Supra even though all the old ones sucked ass”.

For a succinct summary, however, we turn to legendary road tester Mike Tredshuffel of Automechanics who concluded simply; “Ultimately though this new car must answer just one big question; with four previous generations behind it, is it a true Supra? The answer is no. They were crap. I can’t believe no one else remembers that”.