Goodwood Revival comes to Call of Duty

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Shooting simulator shows off retro racing round

There was excitement amongst gamers this week as Call of Duty at last introduced a mission based around the Goodwood Revival.

The new Call of Duty: Maximum Tweed downloadable content promises players the chance to ambush crowds of people wearing retro hats, throw hand grenades at packs of surprisingly high performance Mini Coopers, and unload magazines of high calibre bullets on an endless series of irritating jazz quartets.

The new DLC, which went live last weekend, also gives gamers the chance to unleash a fearsome hail of gunfire upon stalls selling twee memorabilia, take down over 2000 men dressed as a 1940s pilots, and fire a high powered pistol at a jug of Pimm’s.

The new mission is said to be “highly realistic”, right down to non-player characters who pop up to give you advice which include a famous racing driver who’s quite old now but still good at driving, a TV presenter woman in a billowing spotty dress, and another person off the telly whose name you can’t remember although it’s probably written in swirly writing somewhere on the retro racing overalls they’re insisting on wearing even though they’re in the hospitality area.

Also popping up within the game is the Duke of Richmond who will join you in a pair of alarmingly coloured smart casual trousers to give you information about trilby sales and urge you to visit one of the concession stands to spend £9.50 on a sandwich before you machine gun it to pieces.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Call of Duty without a point to the mission and in this case your task is to find an original, factory-spec component on one of the cars taking part. For this reason, gamer website describes the new DLC as “literally impossible”.