Under the influencer… with Olly Higuys

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OLLY HIGUYS from the ON THE RIM YouTube channel tells us about a car he's bought. Again.

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Okay guys, here’s what I REALLY want to talk about today. I’m, like, super excited because, yes, the rumours are TRUE. I. Have. Got. A new car. Okay, this is not what you’re expecting, and I know I teased this in one or five or my videos yesterday, but this is so COOL and I can’t wait to tell you about it, although I’m now going to talk for another FIVE minutes before I do. Okay, so, it’s a beautiful day here at the On The Rim top secret storage bunker SLASH daddy’s spare barn. Little bit of wind, but clear skies, but cold, perfect WINTER driving weather, right, yea? Ha ha ha. Don’t know what I’m laughing at. Might need to change my DOSE. Hey, was that an owl? I dunno, I just, like, SAW a bird, or maybe a leaf, so, okay, that was pretty WEIRD. Low mumbling for a bit, lot of wind noise across the mike, only eight minutes in.

OKAY, guys, yes, yes, yes, still talking. SO. My. New. CAR. Don’t worry, don’t worry, the Aston isn’t going anywhere until next week when I announce that I’m SELLING it, and the Huracan is a totally a KEEPER, ‘cos, guys, I’ve had it for over three weeks now, right? So, a lot of people are asking about the G63 and yea, I realise I haven’t made a video about that for over 17 hours so don’t worry, I hear you, I’m going to get RIGHT on THAT guys, just as soon as I’ve posted my Continental GT camo wheel wrap video today, I PROMISE! But yea, okay, without further ADO and before you start skipping desperately along the time bar in the hope of finding some piece of content that relates to the TITLE of the VIDEO, it’s time. To talk. About my. New CAR. I said this was going to surprise some people, and I REALLY think it will, okay, but that’s COOL, right, because I know you guys always support me, and I want to THANK you for basically watching a functioning MORON spouting DRIVEL while looking slightly to the SIDE of the actual camera, so I really, REALLY hope you’re going to love this, okay?

So here’s the deal, right? You remember in my F12 video just after I’d decided to SELL it because I didn’t like the colour of the seatbelt RELEASE buttons and I took it to a track and sawed at the wheel for 23 minutes and started talking like I knew what I was DOING and I said I’d LOVE to do more track time, right? Well, get ready guys because THIS is about to get REAL. I . Have. Just. Bought… A TRACK DAY CAR. And here it is, okay. Yes, it’s a BMW E36, or 46, I can’t remember, it’s one of those, you know the score, tell me in the comments, guys, I know you will. Okay, yea, I know, I know, this is NOT the normal kind of thing that I put heavily on finance at a swingeing interest rate with a mysterious company you’ve never HEARD of but hey, this is just something I HAD to do, so let’s take a look at it.

Okay, so yea, it’s pretty old, right, but this car is totally, I mean TOTALLY, like, honestly, TOTALLY, like needs NEEDLESSLY REPEATING, track READY, okay. Look, we’ve got these lightweight wheels here, they’re from, like, something called Oz or something, they’ve got special track tyres, and then look inside, right? Totally. Stripped. OUT. Yea? Just one seat, from Corbyn whatever, and there’s this, like, metal tube cage thing, don’t know what that’s for but the guy said it’s really important so, yea, let’s start her up. It’s a 3-litre, or maybe 3.2 I can’t remember, straight cylinder engine and just listen to THAT when you needlessly rev it hard from cold as if you don’t really know anything about cars! We are going to have some FUN with this, and I hope you’re going to enjoy my journey here because I’m SO excited to make 19 videos just standing talking about this car and posting them in the space of 24 hours and claiming it’s, like, my new HOBBY and then getting BORED of the whole thing and never mentioning it again. Okay!

Guys, that’s ALL for now, but don’t forget to like and subscribe for LOADS of great content coming soon and I have to tell you I’m SO excited ‘cos I’ve been talking to the really GREAT guys at the Saboutan Ministry of Tourism and, wow, this is so exciting, they have invited ME to their country, Saboutan, next week for their very FIRST National Auto Show and it’s going to be totally awesome, it’s such an exciting place from what they’ve told me, and, they’ve got so many great cars, and they have so many cool roads, and they’ve given me so much actual money that I’m certainly NO WAY going to mention the way they imprison people who criticise the ruling dictatorship without trial and routinely execute gay people and journalists and of course women who try to vote or drive or question their husbands and so that’s totally exciting guys and I hope you’ll agree I’ll do any old shit for money and clicks because I’m just a shallow bucket of meaningless speaking for attention! Okay, gotta fly guys, but KEEP RIMMING!