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Books by Sniff Petrol

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The man behind this website has written quite a few books, sometimes using the absurd nom de plume ‘Richard Porter’. You can find a full list of them at the bottom of this page. The latest books are what we might pretentiously call ‘a trilogy’ of slender volumes full of boring car trivia. By crikey, they’re tedious. The other recent work is a spoof 1980s Cold War novel, supposedly written by fake car journo booze hound Roy Lanchester. It’s got an actual proper plot, some absolutely idiotic descriptions of cars and sexual intercourse, and was described by James May as “silly”. It’s called Steel Flies. Of course. If you like Roy Lanchester you might also like his ‘autobiography’ How To Be A Motoring Journalist.

If not those, then how about one of these…

  1. Crap Cars (2004)
  2. Crap Cars US (2005)
  3. My Dad Had One Of Those (2007)
  4. My Dad Wished He Had One Of Those (2008)
  5. Big Book Of Top Gear 2009 (2008)
  6. Big Book Of Top Gear 2010 (2009)
  7. Top Gear Highway Code (2010)
  8. Big Book Of Top Gear 2011 (2010)
  9. Top Gear Driver’s Handbook (2011)
  10. Top Gear Christmas (2011)
  11. Ambitious But Rubbish (2012)
  12. The Stig – The Untold Story (2012)
  13. How To Parachute Into A Moving Car (2013)
  14. A-Z Of Britain (2013)
  15. Epic Failures (2014)
  16. Planet Garage (2015) 
  17. And On That Bombshell (2016)
  18. Grand Tour Guide To The World (2017)
  19. 2017 Sniff Petrol F1 Guide (2017)
  20. How To Be A Motoring Journalist (2018) 
  21. Grand Tour A-Z of the car (2018)
  22. Sniff Petrol 2019 Grand Prix Guide (2019)
  23. How To Be Formula One Champion (2019)
  24. A Medium-sized Book of Boring Car Trivia (2020)
  25. Boring Car Trivia volume 2 (2020)
  26. Steel Flies (2021)
  27. Boring Car Trivia 3 (2021)