What is going on?

Didn’t this used to be a website?

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What happened to regular updates, you workside layabout?

Many years ago Sniff Petrol was a website that posted regular, jocular stories about cars and Formula 1 and Dany Bahar’s wonderfully daft plans to make Lotus into a company of lifestyle premium excellentiness. Then, somehow, it wasn’t. It was covered in dust and cobwebs. And the odd bit of Roy Lanchester. So what went wrong, eh?

Well, the trouble is that Sniff Petrol was largely written by one person (with occasional contributions from others including, once or twice, TV’s James May) and when that person – hi there – become busy with other, less Bahar-centric tasks like earning a living and raising two small children it became harder and harder to keep the site updated. Which is why, by and large, it was allowed to wither. Real life just got in the way. Sorry about that.

I was going to delete the entire thing and replace it with, I don’t know, a picture of Bobby Ewing looking confused in a shower but there’s no ‘delete all’ button and anyway that Dallas reference is about 40 years out of date. So the site remains, but without much in the way of new content. You can, however, browse the old material and if you’re missing the very old stuff from back when the site was bi-weekly and badly laid out, you can find that archive here.

If you’re missing things written or said by the person behind this website you can always buy one of the Boring Car Trivia books and/or listen to the Smith and Sniff podcast. Or just move on with your life and find someone new. But know I’ll always be thinking of you. Just not writing shit jokes about Dany Bahar.