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Smith and Sniff podcast

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Smith and Sniff is a podcast featuring Jonny Smith (TV presenter, car journalist, YouTube barn find maven) and Richard Porter (the man behind this website, hence the Sniff in the name). Together they are two friends who talk about cars. Except, often, they don’t. This is a blessing and a curse. Don’t come to this pod expecting to hear cars reviewed, motorsport analysed and points stuck to. Some of those things might happen, but we might equally get distracted wondering what Sade drives or whether traction engine rallies are basically like steampunk Ann Summers shops. That’s the whole point of Smith and Sniff; you never know what’s coming next.

This formula seems to work because we’re usually the UK’s number one automotive podcast. At least until they tell us we don’t confirm to the minimum standard for ‘automotive’.

Listen to Smith and Sniff here or wherever you get your podcasts.