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Who wrote this rubbish?

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Sniff Petrol was created and is/was mostly written by Richard Porter. Hi. That’s me. I’m writing about myself in the third person and it’s weird so I’m going to stop. I set up Sniff Petrol in 2002 because I had some free web space and I was bored. It was part-meant to be a shop window for my abilities and/or failings as a writer and sort of worked because it was instrumental in getting me the job of script editor on the 2002-2015 version of Top Gear. That’s been one of my jobs. I later did, and sometimes still do, the same role on The Grand Tour. I’m also a columnist for evo, a car reviewer for The Sunday Times, a contributor for The Road Rat, one half of the Smith and Sniff podcast, and a script writer for many different TV things. Basically, a words prostitute. No kissing.