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For 13 years, 22 series' and 175 programmes Sniff Petrol worked as script editor on Top Gear using the absurd pseudonym 'Richard Porter'.


Now, what with the show being ‘rested’, I’ve written a book about this experience in which I explain a bit about how the new format was created, how the show was written, who came up with ill-fated ideas like trying to get a monkey to drive a car, and what really happened with that infamous Porsche number plate.

The book is called AND ON THAT BOMBSHELL and it also contains some of the following;

  • Why we weren’t allowed to call our tame racing driver The Gimp.
  • Why Richard Hammond tried to resign halfway through the second pilot show.
  • Why Jaguar took back an XKR we borrowed and promptly crushed it.
  • Why James May had to have someone take him to our voice over recording studio.
  • Why a Bolivian drug lord threatened to kill us.
  • Why Jeremy Clarkson wanted to make Top Gear into a game show.

AND ON THAT BOMBSHELL is on sale now and if you’re thinking, ‘Gosh, I like books and I like Top Gear and this seems to combine the two’ then you can bag a copy using one of these handy links;

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Buy the e-book from iBooks

Buy the hardback from Waterstones
Buy the hardback from WHSmith
Or, for the stoutly old skool, find your nearest bookshop.

There’s also an audiobook version, read out by a proper actor. 

Lucky you. Your climate is enviable and you’re probably reading this with a nice wine on the go. If you’d like to buy AND ON THAT BOMBSHELL in your countries, these links are just for you.

AUS: Order from Booktopia
AUS: Order from Bookworld
NZ: Pre-order from Mighty Ape

Lucky you. Your positive attitude and excellent service ethic are an inspiration to us all. And, as if that wasn’t enough, you can buy AND ON THAT BOMBSHELL as an ebook from Amazon.

US: Buy the Kindle edition from Amazon

Here is a short promotional video about the book.