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For the past dozen years or so Sniff Petrol has proudly been a part of the Gareth Jones on Speed podcast, providing sketches, low quality impersonations, and unhelpful remarks during otherwise sensible discussions  about Formula 1.

The podcast continues to this day, some 300-odd episodes in, which is tremendous news if you’re extremely keen to know what Sniff Petrol sounds like. This also makes you extremely odd, by the way.

To find out more about the podcast please click on the button below, not only to visit the GJOS website but also to receive an unwelcome reminder of what websites used to look like 20 years ago. Yes, yes, yes, we’re working on that one. The shows themselves are bang up to date, honest. And you could always just get it through iTunes. Other podcast apps are available. Overcast, for example. That’s quite good.

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