The 2017 Grand Prix guide is here

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Track guides! Team profiles! Crap portraits! Crazy Dave! Yes, the Sniff Petrol 2017 Grand Prix guide is here at last. And this year it's an actual book, which means it's bigger and better and costs a small amount of money.

Inside the lovingly tooled pages of the 2017 Grand Prix guide you will find;

  • A profile of each team and its drivers.
  • A guide to all 20 tracks on the 2017 calendar along with amazing facts about the host countries.
  • A handy rundown of the technical changes for the new season
  • Nico Rosberg’s plans to open a shop
  • Ron Dennis explaining why he left McLaren
  • Crazy Dave Coulthard on the drivers who aren’t coming back for 2017
  • F1 journalist and total nipple Trentham Sleaves on his favourite circuits
  • And a hearty howdy from new boss Chase Carey

It’s all in the brand new Sniff Petrol 2017 Grand Prix guide, available as a book or e-book.
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Note: The e-book version of the Sniff Petrol 2017 Grand Prix guide is in the Kindle format. If you don’t have an actual Kindle you can read it on a phone or tablet by downloading the Kindle app.