Posted in News by Sniff Petrol on Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

twitterchrysler.jpgThe trend for micro-blogging came to the car industry this week with news of an exciting website that will allow major manufacturers to provide instant updates on exactly how badly they’re doing. Called Shitter, the new site has already taken off in a big way and, as one company executive revealed, it’s proving a good method for getting one up on the competition: ‘With no money to develop new models, we’ve been left with a shit load of time on our hands, which is where Shitter comes in,’ he admitted. ‘Forget quarterly sales figures, we’re updating our profile on Shitter every five minutes with reams of information that’s easily more pointless than any other manufacturer.’

As a further demonstration of the speed with which the internet can work – as long as you’re not one of those unreasonable people who expects their Virgin Media account to work properly – Shitter has already spawned a sister site solely for the use of F1 team owner turned inexplicably aggressive pundit Eddie Jordan. Dubbed Twatter, the innovative new site will allow Jordan to cover those moments when he’s not on television with a system that lets him carry on telling everyone just how great he is.

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