McLaren hires Moyes

by Sniff Petrol on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Picture editor to my office please

Just 24 hours after being dismissed by Manchester United, beleaguered manager David Moyes has been hired by the McLaren F1 team.

‘It brings me the human emotion of delightedness to welcome David to the team,’ said Ron Dennis in a statement. ‘I hope he will facilitate for this organisation an optimal quantity of success. Transmission ends’.

Manchester United and McLaren are both well known sporting names who used to win major championships but have recently been going through tough times yet giving the football manager Martin Whitmarsh’s old job may surprise since many believe he was the cause of United’s woes. ‘It’s true,’ admitted one high ranking Woking source. ‘But he couldn’t make it worse than last season. Unless he made it like this season.’

McLaren insiders say Moyes is already planning to change the way the team is run during a race and will forgo sitting on the pit wall using team-to-car radio in favour of pacing up and down on the edge of the start-finish straight, wildly gesticulating and shouting orders at the drivers. One confidant also revealed that Jenson Button will be substituted on lap 23, right around the time he gets all flustered because the car is crap.

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Crazy Dave

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  • Land Rover reveals mad Discovery name plan

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  • Domenicali ‘swapped for engine’

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    Reports from Italy have confirmed that Stefano Domenicali did not resign from Ferrari as claimed yesterday and was actually used as a swap for a Mercedes engine. ‘The F14 T is not powerful enough,’ an insider confided to Sniff Petrol last night. ‘And the team was sick of Stefano capering about the factory doing impressions of Eric Morecambe rather than… more…

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Troy Queef

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    Somnambulant spears of sheer sunlight streak and shriek as an orange orb crests its head above the hazy horizontal horizon of England’s eastern extremes. All at once the light laps upon a coruscating cube shifting at some speed across the flatlands of the uberFens. Manipulate your mind palace to zoom in on this pacey pedalling and your eye will espy… more…

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