European Car Of The Year is a car

by Sniff Petrol on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

The European Car of the Year logo, yesterday

The European Car of the Year logo, yesterday

The 2015 European Car of the Year award has been won by a car.

The car was announced as the winner yesterday, following an extensive voting process in which the car was assessed against some other cars that were also cars.

‘We felt that the car was an excellent example of a car,’ said ECotY spokesman, Carl Carr. ‘There were a lot of cars in the running this year, but we believe the winner is, without question, a car’.

‘We are very proud to receive this car award for our car,’ said the car makers responsible for the car. ‘In a very competitive sector of cars, we have worked hard to make sure it is a car’.

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    Carmen Jorda, yesterday

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    An Bugatti Veyron, yesterday

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