12 ways to know you’re a real F1 fan

by Buzzfact Clickbayte on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Some F1, yesterday

Some F1, yesterday

While Sniff Petrol is on holiday, drivel correspondent BUZZFACT CLICKBAYTE came up with this shit. 

1. You enthusiastically watch motor races that are Formula 1.

2. When people ask if you like Formula 1, you say ‘Yes. I do like Formula 1.’

3. You actually know what the F in ‘F1′ stands for.

4. When you see the French hotel chain Formula 1 you think, ‘Oh look, that has the same name as the motor racing series I really like, which is also called Formula 1′.

5. You refer to ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac as ‘The Chain by Fleetwood Mac which is also used as the music for the BBC Formula 1 coverage’.

6. You can’t drive through Birmingham without thinking a little bit about Nigel Mansell.

7. Even during the off season you refuse to move from in front of the TV on a Sunday afternoon in case some Formula 1 happens.

8. You don’t just know the surnames of the drivers in Formula 1, you also know their first names.

9. You only go on holiday to places like Monaco, Spa and a very boring industrial estate in Russia.

10. You cancelled your holiday to Germany just to be spiteful.

11. You often shout ‘FORMULA 1’ at the moment of sexual climax

12. You have an enormous back tattoo of Sebastien Bourdais.

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