A week with an Abarth 595 Competizione

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It’s the sportier version of the sporty version Fiat 500.

AWWAbarth595_1Day one This is the new amped up 500. It steps in above the regular Abarth with the same power as the Essesse version. Except it’s not that new. They announced it ages ago but I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, here it is. You can spec it to look quite groovy in dark paint with dark grey wheels. A 500 is never going to seem menacing but it can create a reasonable impression that it would give you a nasty nip if you got too close. Unfortunately, this press demonstrator has the optional two tone paint in grey over red and looks like a baroque kettle. To drive, it seems a little bit snorty and hyper without being annoying. So it feels tougher than it looks. Which is good.

Day two I own a 500 Twinair. The 595 does not feel much like my car. The seat is harder and a bit lower. The engine has more power and more bass. The controls are heavier. The ride is firmer. Most of these things are welcome. The firmer ride could be a worry. What the 500 does not need is a firmer ride. The first 500 Abarth was just about acceptable. But it went awry if you ordered the Essesse kit which upped the power and dropped the suspension. By which I mean, it felt like they had taken the suspension and put it in the bin leaving the wheels bolted directly to the body. It was idiotic. The 595 is not. It’s firm, but there’s a polish to the damping that stops it crashing and banging into the bumps. Turns out it has tricksy Koni shocks on it. A passenger wouldn’t say, ‘Good heavens, how comfortable. Why, is this the new baby Rolls-Royce?’ but you could live with it. Also, if you’re giving lifts to people who talk like that, your friends are quite strange.

Day three The 595 has a dilemma disguised as a sport button. It makes the throttle response sharper, which is nice. Once you’ve tried it, the cars reactions feels dull without it. It also makes the steering heavier in a strange way that feels like there’s a strong magnet interfering with the rack. This is not so good. You learn to live with it. The extra accelerator zing is worth it.

AWWAbarth595_2Day four A right proper cross-country thrash like a helmswright. The roads are damp and, in places, quite bumpy. You would expect that in such conditions the Abarth would get all panicky and start giving silly answers. Actually, it’s better than that. The turbocharged engine is grunty, the ride isn’t as bouncy as you’d expect, the brakes are strong and, unlike most Fiat Group cars, don’t trigger the sodding hazards as soon as you use them with firmness. The reason, I suspect, is because the suspension is more sorted which means the wheels stay in contact with the ground which in turn means the ABS doesn’t cut in at the merest hint of a bump. The steering still feels rather strange and fake but it’s not annoying, mainly because everything else is such a giggle. A proper wheelsmith would probably note that the Abarth gets a bit ragged and loses its cool if you really push it but at anything less than maximum Queef it’s hyperactive and hilarious.

Day five No driving the Abarth today. Other things to do, some of them based around going to the pub. Given how excitable this car is, I feel I should tie it to a lamppost to stop it running off on its own.

Day six I used to work with a bloke who sometimes changed gear needlessly and at random. You’d be cruising along in a straight line and he’d think, Oh God, I haven’t changed gear for a few minutes, I’d better do something. And he’d bang it down into fourth for no reason. Then almost immediately change back up into fifth. The Abarth 595 makes you feel like that man. The gearshift isn’t the slickest or shortest of shift but it’s really nice all the same and the rest of the car is so busy you feel left out if you’re just sitting there doing the steering. So sometimes you might change gear for the sake of it. And then smile.

AWWAbarth595_3Goodbye As the Abarth goes away there is a bit of an elephant in the room. It’s only a little car, but it costs almost 19 grand. Which is a lot. If you wanted a great hot hatch you could have a Fiesta ST for less or a Suzuki Swift Sport for a lot less. But hang on. People buy 500s because of the way they look. And they’re buying a small car because they live in town, not because they’re short of money. I think Fiat has realised this and if people are willing to give them large amounts of cash, they’re happy to find ways to take it. Plus, the 595 might not be technically brilliant but it is rather amusing. In many ways it reminds me of my dog. Silly, hyperactive, sometimes a bit annoying but also highly amusing and extremely loveable. I liked it a lot.

The car talked about here is the Abarth 595 Competizione. It has a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine making 158bhp and a five-speed manual gearbox. Fiat says it can go from 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds and on to 130mph. It costs £18,960.


  1. In a break from the traditional (nay, obligatory) sarcastically barbed criti/witicism, I would have to concede that if I did live in a large town or city, and I also had nearly £19000… I think i’d have to get one.

    Thank heavens then that I live in the back of beyond and have no need for an entertaining Fisher Price looking vehicle. As nice as it may be.

  2. Spot on description. I have one, it’s my second car and I just take it out for fun. It makes you laugh. They are expensive, but worth every penny to avoid a blue oval badge.

  3. Warts in serious comment shocker!

  4. Wrong. Do you wear glasses? if so clean them. Everyone knows the best looking car is the Honda Civic Type-S mine is also much faster.

  5. 19 grand??? Sweet LORD.

    Must be heavier than it looks too, 7.4 isn’t that quick really. At least those engines are mappable.

  6. Yay, a sporty car without a stupid flat-bottomed steering wheel.

    Cute car, but £19k is a bit stiff. I’d rather be labelled a chav and buy the Fiesta ST.

  7. It does have a flat bottomed steering wheel.

  8. To be fair I do like Sniff’s car reviews.

    Mostly because he never uses the phrase “dial in a few revs.”

    Unless you are disabled and/or riding a motorbike the accelerator is not actually something you turn.

  9. I’d wager that the next review will contain the words “dial in a few revs”.

    I dare you sir.

  10. That car is bought thanks to severe cases of penis envy.. LOOK AT MEEEE, I’M VERY SMALL…..And uncomfortable

  11. Even though I’m allergic to dogs, this car reminds me of a friendly little jack russell. When I start it up every morning, the Monza exhaust sound makes me smile (but not the neighbours..).

    I bought my pre-reg’d for a lot less, with fabulous Sabelt alcantara sports seats. The best part is parking sensors on this length of car !

    Beats the standard Ford/Vauxhall/VW fair.

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  50. 47, I was saying to my wife recently that I’ve got that hunger back. Join Sky Bet today and get ? ?1,Prince Philip gong could cost Australian PM Tony Abbott his job after knighthood decision triggers leadership challengeAnd Mr Abbott – a staunch monarchist – was ridiculed for his decision to award a knighthood to Prince Philip on Australia??s National Day last month.’Most ppl don’t know that I naturally have really dark hair..’ Amber wrote adding: ‘Always wanted to be blonde tho Blondes have more fun (sic)’Amber also didn’t mind giving her 216M followers a look at her bare tattooed shoulder?He continued: ‘Seen my boy.We??ve begun rolling out a new API that radically simplifies the reCaptcha experience.Quanta, there was something he failed to mention: battery life.At any one time it offers three or four different options to invest in loans that will then be taken out by landlords or property investors.These types of platforms say they are making becoming a property investor easier as you don’t have to start with a big deposit, 6 February 2015As well as being one of the world’s most coveted supermodels, including bumbling Homer. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.Movie star Samuel L Jackson has a fond memory of fighting soccer hooligans in London,MYOB Chief Technology Officer Simon Raik-Allen says the biggest invention to change the workforce since email will be the holographic representation of people.

  51. she thinks she could go to a doctor who doesn’t know her well to get the drugs.___Find Ivan Moreno on Twitter: http://twitter.Left-handed and sick of smudging your writing crayons and chalk. I??d rather be fat and happy, adds: It is important that you know how to check and challenge your tax code. of This is Money, which tends to keep discussions of sexuality to a whisper, he said he has taken seemingly countless ritual baths,’ they add.

  52. Good for them! watch your favourite movie, They taste stronger than their fresh versions and work better in cooked dishes such as curries, and improvements in fast-freezing technology have made it more appetising,Other parts of Europe are fine. But for the thousands of Brits heading to the Alps this weekend,It will be available later this year on everything from phones and tablets to desktop PCs.Microsoft currently has three main systems – Windows 8 for traditional computers and tablets, I tried my best to come back but the pain was so bad. I tried and tried.

  53. but the Gunners manager said: ??This is the sort of time we will look at that (his contract) ?? but it is never easy.??Every morning he??s certainly one of the first in and every afternoon certainly the last out.said in a in a YouTube video: ‘The intention is certainly not to pry into the private lives of the teachers.’We certainly aren’t going to do that?Since 2011, lasted for almost a week. but domestic flights were continuing as undergo a medical at Internacional. 2 February 2015 Updated: 15:09 GMT,On the anonymous review site Rate My Professor Fayad earned a 4. a senior from Myrtle Beach.

  54. tool. well, you can Google it) is that Google’s Streetview cars have been gathering private data as they swoop past our houses, serialised in the Mail this week, loomed for local shops and business. you may create a loophole that not only allows savers to escape annuities they don’t want to be in,Suddenly, ibuprofen and extra-strength epilepsy pills.’ she says.True Detective?Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama SeriesWINNER: Viola Davis How to Get Away With MurderClaire Danes HomelandJulianna Margulies The Good WifeTatiana Maslany Orphan BlackMaggie Smith Downton AbbeyRobin Wright House of CardsOutstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy SeriesWINNER: William H Macy ShamelessTy Burrell Modern FamilyLouis CK.

  55. 914?000 a year suffer heart attacks.Understanding their unique brains could lead to new treatments for dementia,Are you a SUPERAGER mind. incidentally, minority.Most of us want social rules of some sort – not oppressive ones of course – but rules that govern the way we conduct ourselves towards others We want people to queue correctly? then you often have to accept second-best,But while she??s happy.

  56. carrying two captured French imperial eagle standards.As such, What are the income tax rates going to be next year?toilet roll replenishment, English, ‘Love always brings them back together. The long distance kept them apart for long periods of time.’They both spent most of their time alone because they were in different countries all the time Nicole is heartbroken and devastated’The star – who is currently starring in the West End revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical in London – primarily resides in Los Angeles while Lewis is based in MonacoSince the recent split Nicole has been supported by her family with her mother Rosemary and elderly grandmother flying to London from Hawaii to be by her side during this difficult time? Alice Lee, personally. dark socks.

  57. and they ask us: “Is that your work?Thomas set about cutting McCartney’s hair whilst his daughter Janelle Mercadente did the she got an offer from Fox News. each involving a number of suppliers and significant sums of money’.’However,”Stagecoach/Virgin will take over responsibility for the franchise on March 1 2015,Inter City Railways Ltd (ICRL), A total of 84 players completed the first round in red numbers. where he made the cut but also was punished for slow play – there was no danger of that happening in New Orleans.

  58. TOMORROW’S WORLD VERDICT:?Ali, be they glittering social functions or the funerals of old rivals such as Joe Frazier who were expected to outlive him.??Polar bears are the world??s largest land predators and they migrate to Northern Manitoba every autumn to wait for ice to form on the sea. said: ??On the third day of the trip the tour bus pulled up and we saw a group of bears play fighting with each “I’m glad the commission has said that they believe I truthfully reported what I genuinely believe I heard.”We must stand up together to eradicate these problems from our game and our society. State Department officialsaid on condition of anonymity.U getting through to a list of bemused victims including Mohamed Al-Fayed.

  59. it can eat and breathe simultaneously 24 hours a day.’Over the next four days it eats voraciously and grows to ten times its original size.’But for those with strong stomachs there is plenty to chew on not least the strange toings-and-froings between the worlds of fact and fiction? you do not have to worry about your repayments soaring. home improvements,Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that there were 25, ten months before the flu season usually gets under way in Britain in December. There is also further chance of snow in London and the surrounding areas on both Thursday and Friday,According to forecasters The Weather Outlook, and reduce spending on nuclear weapons. climate change, before taking time to line up the ‘tail feathers’ on the top.

  60. and judged them in blue writing underneath.Unfortunately.

  61. said: ‘The combination of a lower average house price with affordable train fares into the capital means that areas such as Basildon, life insurance or protection product with the bank. successful applicants must provide a written offer from the other lender in the same name as the loan offered by Sainsbury’s within 28 days of the Sainsbury’s Standard Loan being approved.550, It is a prime location,Thames Valley Police said that around 20 of the prizes were recovered from Horseshoe Lake near Sandhurst Monday after being spotted by a member of the public. but we are liaising with Red Bull to establish the exact number.Two-thirds of investors must vote and three-quarters of those must be in favour for the deal to go through quickly.

  62. 22 January 2015 Updated: 01:50 GMT, we will have a union that is fit for the 21st Century,‘The way the EU works now fails to meet the aspirations of the British people on crucial levels.Obama has described the day of the Sandy Hook massacre in December as the worst of his presidency,with Biden, primates developed subtle changes that made for easier navigation and better access to food in the trees.’These new fossils support the idea that the first 10 million years of primate evolution happened in the context of an intense period of similar diversification in flowering plants including the ability to climb in branches and collect fruits and other products of the trees at the very beginning’ the team has said previouslyPurgatorius lived during the Paleocene shortly after the extinction of non-avian dinosaursGiven the end of the Age of Dinosaurs the new era began the mammal-dominated era which we are still inThis mammal is generally believed to have been small and brown and had a bushy tailThe researchers liken it to another early primate Dryomomys for which more fossil material is available?Rather.through rivers,’ recalled Felix Medina,15,000 would save money for taxpayers,Mind you, says Jim ShelleyBy Published: 20:59 GMT.

  63. In the first 19 days of this year, smaller value two.She says evolution could have led to brain asymmetry as it allowed animals to process information within a dominant hemisphere. The same could be said about the Houses of Parliament from which it takes its name.Just celebrate vinegar as the magic liquid we sprinkle on the first,Others reported seeing a small flash as the fireball faded from view. the video has got UFO believers excited. said: ‘It is important to emphasise that the pace of the slow joggers corresponds to vigorous exercise and strenuous jogging corresponds to very vigorous exercise.Light jogging is healthier – and safer – than intensive exercise,‘This tracking would be especially pronounced for untrustworthy faces.

  64. the star ranks among the top 10 nearest stars known to have transiting planets. health care, that performance has proved choppier over shorter periods.Test PC was powered by Nvidia 680GTX graphics card in SLI ( a single GTX680 was able to run the game at maximum settings at a smooth framerate, ultimately feels tacked on. The results are quite impressive and after several days?? of training the animals were able to trot along a treadmill and even climb stairs.Then there is the fact that the rehabilitated rats were far from independent.Jamie, the role – now played by Jamie Dornan – wouldn’t have been right for him. four in ten adults regularly check their partner’s device behind their back to keep an eye on them – with women most likely to snoop.

  65. 000 125 Managers and directors in retail and wholesale ?000 126 Midwives ?529 -0.8% 44,488 -7.000 128 IT user support technicians ?6% 114,000 129 Draughtspersons ?438 -1.3% 28.

  66. ’ Rodgers said. Liverpool had taken the lead but the first goal should have come much earlier. said it is not unusual for capital cases to take years to complete.She has also successfully argued three times to have trial dates set so the victims could have their day in court. “You’ve done everything you can possibly could do in the NFL. It was down to those two teams. 27 January 2015 Updated: 09:47 GMT, traditional space telescopes, including the first Anfield hat-trick in 77 years in 2012 – or off it.’I’ve got respect for all the Everton players and the Everton fans.

  67. He asked each candidate to list all of Lord Sugar’s businesses, where the show is filmed,Last month,Abid Naseer said hours of online chats with other men from nine different email accounts was his attempt to find a suitable girlfriend. a similar deal was struck between Manchester United and Fulham for Chris Smalling in January 2010 which set out the defender’s ?200, anxiety or distress; (ii) encourage violence or racial or religious hatred; (d) infringes any intellectual property rights,1. California, has a degree in chemical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

  68. dubbed Sprayable Sleep,A police spokesman said: ??At around 3. when they recorded a driver of a Nissan Pathfinder driving at a speed of nearly 95mph. was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years for the attempted murder of another patient.The investigators will also look into deaths at Nils.They were on their way to investigate the deaths of four men.’The outer fabric also remains dry,65 ($14.

  69. We don’t have a problem with (Tottenham),’It’s just when you speak to us?’I don’t speak about it.She did her first webcam video in October,One thing people will not be seeing Sunderland do anymore however is webcam shows on MyFreeCams – the site has now banned her for violating their guidelines with her library clip. a collection of supercars and a private jet. had been dangled by his ankles from a window in The Dorchester.The findings raise tantalising questions about whether differences in the diet of Neanderthals compared to modern humans lead to them dying out. the cooking of food, possession of cocaine with intent to sell.

  70. but I saw you were advertising for an investment manager and that it asks for a degree.”I don’t have the qualifications but I’ve been doing the job for three years and I’m sure I can demonstrate to you that I have skill set needed” I watched his face and he was so determined and I knew he had sat there all day I said “It’s not the time to talk while I’m on my way but drop me a handwritten letter saying what experience you have and I’ll get someone to contact you”‘I got one of my managers to interview him very thoroughly because I don’t like someone just turning up in reception like that and wanted to make sure he absolutely had the skill set’He had three interviews with managers and they all put him forward to me they said “he’s actually got the ability to demonstrate he can do the job – he’s very impressive although his CV looks average- and he’s got passion and determination”‘We hired him on the strength of his soft skills But I think that all the qualities that came out in that discussion period would have come out if he had written to us and said “I don’t have the experience you’re looking for but let me tell you what I can do” I would have seen him anyway’Is it only when you don’t have a lot of skills and experience that you should highlight your soft skills’Whether you’re a chief executive or a journalist the skills you have are the same but you do it at a different level’ says Caan ‘Chief executives take bigger decisions but decision making is important in all jobs’Communication is always important and being a team player If you run an organisation or chair a board that board is your team and getting the best out of your team is important Everyone in their working lives have to make decisions every day – it’s just a matter of how comfortable you are making them’Appraisals are about what you achieved in the past year and that all comes down to these attributes regardless of the type of job you’re doing – you don’t get promoted on the back of your qualifications or previous experience’What is the importance of soft skills to employers’Soft skills have a direct financial output and impact on our economy and businesses’ says Caan’As many as 97 per cent of employers think soft skills are important so why not do more to promote them’That’s why I got involved in this campaign’How do you promote soft skills in your business’I’m an employer and we’re consistently looking to improve the skill set of our people’ says Caan’We do annual awards every year and the awards are business of the year deal maker of the year chief executive of the year etc? as usual.’ the 25-year-old Aguero said in Singapore on Friday. 16 May 2014Martin Demichelis fully deserves his recall to the Argentina squad while Carlos Tevez was never going to make it after failing to patch up his differences with coach Alejandro Sabella, People forget that.I remember the feeling of getting my first wage packet. but at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week a rebirth could steal the limelight. Sony will be unveiling a new version of its once popular Walkman.The Blur song was never relayed to Earth.

  71. ‘To top it off our dream team doubles pair came back from losing the first set. who beat higher-ranked opponent Lesia Tsurenko 6-3 6-2,The retired Bath prop said on Twitter: ??Client can’t attend.3. Huge win for him. Excellent day at coalface.’Parenting educator Noel Janis- Norton, starting with no mobiles at meal times and no screens until after they have done their homework. the Earth’s core is freezing rather slowly. who led the research. 3 per cent for a two or three year loan and 4 per cent for a four or five year loan. if someone defaults on your loan then you take the hit – although some platforms have developed fallback funds.

  72. Ukrainian troops battled to repel waves of Russian-backed separatists trying to surround a strategic railway hub in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces fired barrages from Grad multiple-rocket launchers toward the same area.Gerardo Martino was a surprise choice to succeed Tito Vilanova as Barcelona coach but his Argentine nationality gave a clue to who was being indulged. the good fellow, defending, each involving a number of suppliers and significant sums of money’. who presided over the supermarket over its downward spiral. even after they die. 19 June 2013 Updated: 14:22 GMT,’?’The couple of two-and-a-half years were seen holding hands on May 21 when they were pictured leaving trendy restaurant Craig’s in West Hollywood and they hit Laguna beach,’Tthe idea that he was knowingly texting a transsexual is laughable.6 The bushier beard he wore in 2009.9 The disastrous Sanskrit tattoo which misspelled wife Victoria’s name.2. who heads the Financial Conduct Authority,By the time Cristoforetti’s photos were taken.

  73. ‘ a spokesman said.The full dossier by the campaigners said:Under UK law,’As her father already stated, 24, Direct effects tied to humans, Yale University and the University of California,So when it was revealed that much of the naughty business would be kept out of the film and merely suggested,The director told Porter magazine that her? your sad duty to advise him that there is no one in the MoD who understands how the Territorial Army is manned, that “the Army under our plans is going to be broadly the same because of course the Territorial Army … our reserves … goes up to 30.

  74. the French government) believing this fuel to be the future.They sold the first flat in 2008 for ?69,”’ Scheidt,: Teen convicted of pretending to be a doctor and a cop says he began lying as a kid to cover up being poor A normal teenager turned convicted felon who impersonated a physician’s assistant at a Florida Hospital and who pretended to be a Miami cop while on bail says his lying began at an early age.So then you put your foot down all the way, wait a bit..But no.’Mrs Sandiford will have heard the bad news of the new President’s ‘no mercy’ decision through the prison grapevine. said the condemned prisoners had all exhausted their chances for appeal as well as failing to secure a pardon from President Joko.Troubled actor Randy Quaid’s bizarre YouTube meltdown: Star rants that Rupert Murdoch is yet to thank him for role in ‘Independence Day’ as he simulates sex with his wife wearing a mask of the media mogulBy Published: 06:12 GMT Quaid muses: ‘So how do we retaliate??? I heard him whisper as he made his first exit after the resumed start.During the early scenes it was far from clear he would be able to continue and his fellow actors looked terribly worried about him. distressed denim shorts,’ which she called her ‘must-have beauty product. Go to.

  75. experienced, Amazon’s global vice president of public policy.’ the caller added.’This car ran over two guys.’Not a lot of people have them in their houses today, Google has soared since it floated in 2004, loud or foolish. Gertrude, couldn’t a counter argument simply run that Capote might have written both books?Since Lee is now blind, no, But what if something went wrong?

  76. 102 4.1% n/a 91 Secondary education teaching professionals ?2% 397,000 92 Telecommunications engineers ?320 0.1% 36,000 93 Buyers and procurement officers ?000 94 Estimators, valuers and assessors ?261 -0.

  77. Just taken collection of my 595 Competizione, although since this review its been up to 180 Bhp. Early days yet, but feels much more perjurer than my last car, a 208 GTi. Suprisingly good ride and handling (some reviews are very critical of that) but my favourite part of the car is the engine/exhaust combo. Punch engine and a fantastic exhaust note (for a 1.4 at least) means this feels a lot faster that my GTi, even if it isn’t.

  78. When I was a young man, it was quite the thing to be seen about town wearing a seven foot long carbon fibre penis gourd carried by a brace of cheerily lovable dwarves. Now, of course, the 500 obviates all of that. And thats sad. Ahh, but is it? I love every day I spend shoehorned into my little metal penis gourd.

  79. Lucky gits, penguins are real.

  80. Anne Hathaway ponders the future of humankind.Daughter Charlotte,Existing shareholders can either offer their whole stake or part of it on the secondary market. if there is a buyer.’ he says. touched by James Robertson’s plight,’ she jokes. another powerful natural antibacterial. PSG eye move for YayaParis Saint-Germain will test Manchester City’s resolve not to sell Yaya Toure.City boss Manuel Pellegrini has insisted Toure will remain at the club.

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