A week with a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

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OutlanderPHEV1Day one: The future is here. The future is a sort of SUV with large badges on the front wings that say PLUG IN HYBRID EV. There’s another big badge on the boot that says PHEV. It sounds like a terrorist organisation we’ve yet to encounter. Maybe a rival for current baddies, Lexus IS.
Anyway, the PHEV arrived chock full of electricity which means I can drive to the supermarket and back without once troubling the petrol engine. This feels rather brilliant. Quiet, smooth electric power for short local journeys but knowing you’ve got internal combustion on board if you need to go further. And all in a large five door car with space for people and a proper boot.

Day two: The PHEV is called a hybrid but it’s set up to behave as much as possible like a battery car. There are two electric motors, one on each axle, and if there’s juice in the batteries it trundles around on these. Unless you really floor it, in which case the 2-litre petrol engine kicks in to help out. Or, if the batteries are running low, the petrol engine can act as a generator to re-charge them while the car continues to move about on the electric motors. So at low to medium speeds the PHEV is driven by electricity with a petrol engine that helps out when it can. This seems to be a very sensible way of ordering things. If the petrol engine is doing its generator duty you barely notice it. Only when you really clog it do you hear the engine revving away. Another clever thing is the number of options you have over the way you use the technology. If you want to over-ride the computers and set the petrol engine to keep charging the batteries, there’s a button for that. And if you want to preserve the level of battery charge and use only the petrol engine to move about, there’s another button that makes it so. Today I’m driving up the A1 to Rutland. Keen to save my electricity until I’m back in town, I try this mode on the drive north. Running on petrol power alone, the car reckons it’s doing barely more than 30mpg. This is pretty poor. Turning off petrol-only mode and letting it decide its own hybridness bumps it up to 38mpg. Better, but still unimpressive.
Some other discoveries from driving the PHEV to Rutland. At certain points, usually on the approach to a roundabout, it suddenly makes a single bing noise almost exactly like the one you hear on planes when they turn off the seatbelt warning. As far as I can work out, the Outlander is not telling you it’s now safe to move around the cabin. In fact, I have no idea what it’s telling you. It’s definitely not the collision warning system, that makes a different, more panicky noise, and it’s not the beep you get from pushing almost any of the dashboard buttons, which is also different and even more annoying.

OutlanderPHEV2Day three: Another drive out of London, this time to Kent. The Outlander is still beeping at things. Its touchscreen stereo /nav unit likes a good beep too. What it doesn’t like is operating in a slick and visually pleasant way. In fact, it’s woefully slow and difficult to use. Unlike the seats which are very easy to use but not very comfortable. And the entire dashboard which feels like it was designed over 10 years ago. You know you sometimes read car journalists describing a car as ‘a nice place to be’? The Outlander is the opposite of that.

Day four: Today I’m going to the Belgian Grand Prix, ooh get me. I suppose I could have taken the PHEV but I was offered a Mercedes SL63 AMG instead so I’m going in that. Sorry.

Day five: Back from the Belgium, this time in a Mercedes E63 AMG S. The PHEV is waiting for me in a Kentish car park. After giving this some thought, I can exclusively reveal that the Mercedes E63 AMG S is a nicer car than the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (other statements of the frigging obvious available on request). This is partly because the Merc is very fun to drive. And partly because the Mitsubishi isn’t.

Day six: A trundle across London to my office at the BBC where I can plug in the Outlander in order to cruise home entirely on electric power. There is one tiny moment of joy when I go to plug in the car. The bag that contains the charging cables also contains a pair of blue rubber gloves, presumably for people afraid of getting electrocuted. This feels very thoughtful and quite Japanese. I wish there was more of this delightful and moderately bonkers stuff about the PHEV. But there isn’t. There really isn’t. I mean, it rides and handles. But only in the most literal sense. The suspension keeps the body from dragging along the floor and does a passable job of permitting the car to go around left and right handed bends. But that’s it. Otherwise, there’s just no joy about it. It feels like the future has been trapped inside a design from 1998.

OutlanderPHEV3Goodbye: If you have a charging point at home or at work it’s quite an attractive prospect to complete your commute without using any petrol yet knowing it’s there in reserve if you need it. This feels like a practical answer to reducing fuel bills and localised pollution. But it is absolutely the only attractive thing about the Outlander PHEV. Unless you count the price, which is no more than you would pay for an equivalent Outlander diesel. Mitsubishi thinks this makes it good value. Which it is, if you pre-suppose that your only car choice is some sort of Mitsubishi Outlander. And it really shouldn’t be. The PHEV system is very clever but it’s excellent technology fitted to a completely mediocre car.

The car talked about here is a Mitsubishi Outlander GX4hs. It has a 119bhp 2-litre petrol engine and two 80bhp electric motors. Mitsubishi says it can go from 0 to 62 in 11 seconds and on to 106mph. It costs £34,999 including a £5000 government grant. 


  1. A colleague’s just bought one of these to deliver parcels in. I tried to talk him out of getting one as everything he earns will be swallowed by the depreciation even if he is doing his bit for the environment. I’ll stick with my Mazda Bongo Friendee. Stop laughing.

  2. I bought this car in April 2014 and it have been a real moneysaver for me, but i don’t drive more than 12.000 kilometers per year.Perfect to drive on bad roads in, and nearby Oslo. By the way. The single bing you heard, sounds everytime the car notices that you are driving economical. On screen, this shows as leafs. You can get up to 5 of them. This sound can be turned off. I did.
    I like this car and it saves me a LOT of Money. Stop laughing and sorry for bad English writing 😉

  3. A very sound idea in a very average vehicle?
    It’s a start I suppose.


    Excuse me, phlegm in my throat.

  4. So, actually not better than a Honda Civic Type S? Must tell the internet.

  5. Piffle. Bring back the Sssssangyong Musso.

  6. Shame. Looks like they are onto a winning setup on the tech side, having done cleverer things than Toyota/Honda have with their tree-hugging models – but then have c*cked-up the rest of it.
    1990’s stylee dash should’nt be a surprise I suppose, seeing as Mitsubishi hav’nt designed a good-looking interior since errrr….

  7. I’m not sure why, but every time I see the name I mis-read it as “PHERV”….

  8. 38mpg is meant to be good????

  9. “38mpg is meant to be good????”

    It’s better than 30mpg. Or the new Mini.

  10. I think you are completely missing the point about this evolutionary car. I have had mine for just over a month now, having traded in an 18 month old Grand Cherokee (I am just off the heart pills after accepting the depreciation on it). Doing a daily drive normal around 50 miles, I have not yet had to visit a petrol station. The trip computer has never gone below 99.9mpg and I estimate I’ve done about 110mpg up to now; pretty impressive for a 5 seat 4WD vehicle which can off road in purely electric power and also tow a very respectable 1500kg.
    I am saving £300 every month on fuel alone, my insurance is half of that on the Grand Cherokee, I pay no road tax and the car is exempt from congestion charge. The other half likes window shopping, so we get a free charge every time she goes shopping, reducing my own leccy bill. Total monthly saving; almost £500.
    Getting the picture now ?

  11. Joe,

    How can you be getting that economy whilst this review, and many others besides, have been stating that the mpg is in the high 30’s to low 40’s? I don’t normally comment on these articles as all the pithy comments are usually taken up before I get here, but yours strikes me as having the unwritten small print ‘sponsored by Mitsubishi’.

  12. The mpg is all in the regenerative braking, which is great fun and makes driving interesting. I use no petrol when driving below 74mph and within a 28 mile range. when the battery finally runs out on a longer journey, I get about 46mpg driving reasonably fast. the sat nav is bit primitive, but the rest is cool.

  13. I have had mine for a week, I do 25 miles a day back and forth to work, it costs me about £1.40 to charge it overnight. By my calculation, (based on £1.24 p/l of petrol) that is about 100 mpg equivalent. It has more than halved my fuel bill. From next month I will be able to charge it at work for free. I have it as a company car and the BiK is £33.33 a month for a 20% tax payer. It has lots of gadgets and a pretty good cabin. All this in a good sized 5 door SUV makes it a no brainer for me, especially living in the countryside and having the 4WD for the winter driving.

    It may be mediocre to some but there is not much more around that gives the value and performance of this.

  14. ooh get me, what an absolute dreadful review

    you watch too much sex in the city

    you soooooooo do


  15. I’m not surprised the PHEV gets poor reviews. It takes a knack to get the best mpg and will only suit certain people. However, unlike the German manufacturers etc its clear that Mitsubishi (and Toyota too) are absolutely useless at PR, including the education and ‘entertaining’ of motor journalists (who typically will write anything for a little offering). I think the car is fantastic for the money

  16. James, if you have evidence of car journalists taking bungs then please show it to the class. If, as I suspect, you have no such thing then kindly supply the name and address of your employer so I may start to make wild and baseless accusations about your personal incompetence and corruption.

    The reason the Outlander PHEV gets poor reviews is not because Mitsubishi is bad at entertaining car journalists. I believe they had a UK launch at a country house hotel and I’m sure the lunch was very agreeable. When they delivered this press demonstrator, a man spent half an hour explaining it to me. So it’s not as if they are failing on the ‘education’ part of your theory. No, the reason this car gets lukewarm reviews is simply because it’s not very good.

  17. So I wonder who paid for your trip to Belgium and to the Belgian Grand Prix, coincidentally in a Mercedes. No surprise, the Mercedes gets a good review.

    You obviously couldn’t work the PHEV, hence your low mpg. It takes a while to get the hang of it. You have to look at a car like the PHEV for what it is and to whom him it is suited. Its certainly not for a boy-racer or rally car driver.

    I cite the example of Toyota. The Toyota Previa, for anybody with a large a family was an outstanding MPV. Never once got a decent review. And of course of no interest to the average motor journalist.

  18. The Mercedes E63 AMG gets a good review because it’s a good car. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV gets a lukewarm review because it’s a mediocre car at best. That’s how it works I’m afraid.

    The Outlander is a very clever idea and of course it isn’t designed to be driven like a hot hatch but it’s so dismal in so many areas fundamental to day-to-day use that it can’t be considered anything other than a dismal damp rag of a car for cheapskates.

  19. I rest my case

  20. Lol well said James touched a nerve then!

  21. PHEV!! Pass me a tissue, I’m getting that economy because I’m driving it like a normal day to day human being. I charge it overnight. I drive to work on electric. I charge it at work. I drive to the gym on electric. I charge it at the gym. I drive to the shops and charge it up at the shops. Back home, I charge it again overnight. I have filled up once with petrol in what is now 2 months of ownership.
    It really is a no-brainer for my lifestyle and my pattern of driving. It won’t suit all, but for me, it is ideal.

  22. Sorry, but since when did the comments section of Sniff Petrol become the right to reply area of the Guardian’s website?

    This is all far too sensible, and gives me a foreboding sense of unease that all is not well. It’s confusing, and I don’t like it.

    Go back to being silly, or I’ll be forced to write to my MP.

  23. Well I must be nuts! I just had one on a 3 day test drive and by the end of the 1st day I banged in an order for one.

    I expect fuel economy to be poor on long trips, but anyone who owns any typical diesel SUV is used to that if honest or drives like a nun. here is the crunch, its to be my company car so I don’t pay for fuel, they give me a nice little card you just wave at Esso and they give you all the fuel you like – I don’t care about MPG, I don’t care if it runs on dolphin blood and emits arsenic, Green? whatever! I care that as a higher rate tax payer I will run this big 4 wheel drive tank for peanuts whilst my colleagues in their pokey downsized 2 wheel drive 1.6 Qashqai’s are still paying 200 more a month in tax than me..ho! ho! ho!

    By the way it rides fine, yes its heavy but its grippy enough you can hurl it when you need to, you do need to know how to in an SUV though, a lot of people are not that brave. With no gearbox it accelerates from 0 to 100+ in one smooth relentless charge which is curiously entertaining. I may drive it past the congestion charge cameras in a loop a hundred times just for the fun of sticking two fingers up to Londons car haters.

    This review is meaningless, the PHEV is taking some 50% of all the governments electric car grants, they are selling like crazy. we must all be wrong I guess, funny I don’t feel wrong though.

  24. Perhaps sniffpetrol will finally get it too – or do they need a little bung from Mitsubishi first?

  25. “in one smooth relentless charge ”

    Hang on, let me EFA that for you:

    “in one relentlessly, epically long crawl and then runs out of puff”

  26. “in one relentlessly, epically long crawl and then runs out of puff”

    Hang on, let me EFA that for you:

    “I have never driven one so have no idea what I am on about really”

  27. I am a dog, will I electrocute myself when doing my wee up the car?

  28. Bob me old son.

    I don’t need to have driven a Veyron to know it’s a bit quick.

    Nor do I need to do have driven a PHEV to know a car that takes 11 seconds to 60 and tops out at 106 is a bit slow.

  29. Yugguv, I think you’re missing the point of the PHEV. Actually the preformance is comparable to, if not better than, any SUV/MPV type vehicle – but not in the same bracket as a RR sport or Cyenne etc, obviously. Treat yourself to a test drive then imagine yourself having the lifestyle of someone to whom its suited ie environemntally conscious, local driver, not rich, with family etc.

  30. But these cars aren’t aimed at people who are conscious of anything other than image.

    They are slower and less fuel efficient than the estate versions and usually have less space in them than the hatchback versions.

    I can’t think of anything the PHEV could do that I wouldn’t rather have a 530 estate for.

  31. I am not sure the PHEV gives you much image! Fuel efficient? I’ve driven 2000 miles now on 1.5 tanks of petrol! Apart from having the much higher seating position, hence view, than the 530, you’re in a different league. PHEV £35k with loads of extras: 530 c£45k with virtually nothing included.

  32. …and I forgot to mention massive boot and 4 wheel drive

  33. Yugguy old chap, your used to German brands where they exaggerate the performance figures. The Japanese (and Koreans) prefer to be understated. There are videos on youtube showing it clocking as low as 8.9s and my experience was the same, at least low 9’s. Check the whatcar group test and its performance was on a par with auto equivalents of X3, Q5, XC60 in fact it was the quickest midrange (advantage of no gear changing). The PHEV does feel a little slow off the line initially whilst it all kicks in but then it goes well which probably gives a slightly misleading 0 to 60 compared with how it actually feels.

    Its easy to look at the book numbers and dismiss something, getting your backside in it is the only truth you can rely on.

  34. I’ll be going for one of these this year, based on the following rationale:

    1. It’ll save me about £150 a month over my current diesel estate, and £250 over a comparable 4×4.
    2. It’ll save me another £50+ per month in fuel.
    3. I drive a lot in town and on country back roads, where the fact it discourages driving like a cock Is a benefit.
    4. It isn’t a BMW or an Audi, so people are slightly less likely to consider me a gigantic bellend in my gigantic vehicle.
    5. There’ll be a facelift shortly, so it will look slightly less like a slightly vexed fridge, and the satnav will probably work.
    6. The £2500 saving will pay for a nice holiday or something fun in the garage to use when I’m not computing cheaply to work.

    All very middle aged and responsible, but let’s face it, I’ve been getting my car kicks vicariously for years anyway.

  35. Can I urge caution Hew. Soon there will be a rash of cars boasting similar ingenious tech and offering the same tempting savings if you have a driving style and make the type of journeys that play to their strengths. I’m going to stick my neck out and guess that at least some of them, probably all of them, will be much nicer to drive and to own than the mediocre Outlander. If you can wait, I would wait.

  36. Thanks Sniff. I certainly going to have a good look at the Golf GTE before pressing the button. It looks like it’ll be a lot more to lease though with a much smaller boot.

  37. To be fair, I do like cheese.

  38. Huw that is a pretty good assessment of the situation, although I doubt the sat nav will work ever and in the current one if your want to just dial someone from your uploaded phonebook requires more keypresses than it would take to hack a Sony Pictures inc server. What kind of demented, spiteful twat would design a system without a ‘phone’ button?

    The Golf ‘e’ is a loser, it certainly doesn’t live up to its name as you won’t be getting any Golf clubs, or even just a club sandwich in the silly little thing. At least the Outlander chassis was designed from scratch to take an EV format, doing a Kustom Kar bodge job on a standard Golf was silly.

    I intend to use my PHEV as Mitsubishi intended in that secret email locked in a safe somewhere that say’s if you cane it around you can get it down to 15mpg all day, then enjoy handing the fuel bills to my terribly eco-friendly employer that thought it oh so very Green to let me have one. Suckers!

  39. The Golf is based on VW’s MQB platform which was designed from the off to take electric power, Bob.

  40. And such a a ‘good job’ they did of it then Sniff, they only had to fit one little motor and a glorified dimmer switch and its bye-bye boot!

  41. The boot on the e-Golf is the same size as in any other Golf. Only the spare wheel well is lost to electricityness.

  42. My apologies, you are of course correct. I was getting mixed up with the posh Polo, the Audi A3 e-tron which loses 100 litres to a ‘few things from the deli in Islington’ style 280 litres.

  43. The A3 e-tron is based on the same chassis as the Golf. Although it does indeed lose a bit of boot space on account of having an internal combustion engine as well as the electricalnessosity.

  44. sniff, to suggest that probably all future PHEVs will offer a superior ride etc than the Outlander demonstartes a bias and arrogance that beggars’ belief. No other ‘impartial’ observer appears to share your view. But who knows – perhaps with a bung you mught be converted too!

  45. I think the point Sniff was making in the original article that while the PHEV is great technology, the car in which it installed is lagging behind it’s rivals – something which comes into stark focus when it is a £35k Mitsubishi.

    If one takes PHEV out of the equation, £35k allows you to buy some *serious* kit from many different manufacturers, and many different types of car. Many of them have interiors (for example), or driving dynamics light years ahead of the Outlander.

    If Sniff thinks those are a better bet than the Outlander PHEV for his £35k, he can say that. He’s certainly not wrong. It’s just another opinion.

  46. Ah, mayhemfunkster, the voice of reason. Of course sniff can have an opinion bt its pretty irrelevant if he prefers a mercedes AMG to a PHEV. And lets be clear for £35k you are getting every imaginable extra includng leather seats, heated seats, electric boot, rain sensitive wipers, 4wheel drive, performance comparable to other family SUVs, light sensitive lights, a respecatble interior, a rather shitty sat nav, metallic paint, bluetooth, 5 year warranty, 3 years servicing, etc etc, plus no road tax, no congestion charge, amazing car tax breaks, and minimal petrol costs. Come on, thats not bad for £35k, and I’ve really checked the market. Also, it does 80mph on the motorway just as well as an AMG. but would I rather have an AMG – course I would, but where would I put my golf clubs, and family for that matter?
    PS I quite like cheese too.

  47. Bought my Mitsubishi phev in September. Poor battery performance ie no more than 24 miles range when warm and in very cold down to 18 miles and heavy on petrol on long run 39 mpg over 300 miles round trip at average 65 mph. Tried everything to get performance up. Driving as efficient as possible. Very disappointed. Wish id have bought the Volvo xc60.

  48. Seriously Paul, were you really expecting a vehicle that weighs half a ton more than a normal Outlander (both being SUV’s so hardly economical to start with) and running on a petrol engine to somehow conjure energy from another dimension and actually do more? Sorry I am not having a go – its down to the manufacturers flogging these things on the eco ticket. Plain speaking these vehicles are not for saving the planet or cheaper motoring. If either interest you DONT BUY ONE, you will be disappointed. Its a smoke screen to avoid holding their hands up and saying its purely legal tax evasion, thats all. If your a company car driver with a company fuel card, THEN you should bite your fleet managers hand off. You will be chuckling to yourself every trip. All the manufacturers are jumping on this band wagon now, Mercedes are making a hybrid C350, still got a stonking big engine and a tiny battery. Just enough to get it a low CO2 score / tax liability on the test run and no further – NO ONE is ever going to bother plugging that one in. (Most drivers of these can’t be bothered to flick the steering wheel 1.3 degrees to move out the fast lane so are not going to bother with a charge plug)

  49. Guys, i dont know what you’re doing wrong or dont get. This is a decent size SUV with good space and all that goes with that. I doubt I’m saving fossil fuels but I am reducing pollution in my local area. I’ve now driven 2500 miles, have filled the tank 3 times, so have saved a lot of money. THe differnce is, this car does have decent range on battery alone. I agree it’s less than advertsied but I do often get over 32 miles on one charge and on petrol only my mpg seems to be mid-40s. You do need a certain driving pattern and a degree of application to realise the full potential of this car

  50. Jame, you are indeed an ideal owner of the PHEV, you have found the golden ration to owning this vehicle and you make some very good points, this is why a lot of people will own one. Bob is also right in as much as the tax breaks etc. Its all these reasons that make the PHEV a valid choice. It does not suit everybody and there are much better cars to “rather own”. However, the underlining fact is that they do meet a certain criteria and if that is the 4WD, SUV, Hybrid, short distance driving, company car tax etc then there is nothing better, whether you agree or not:)

  51. I got this car for the benefit in kind as a company car and haven’t got the electric charge point yet so just running on fuel and only getting 30-33 mpg. if you run the charge function and go between 70-80 only get 24mpg.
    have done 500 miles so far and filled up the tank 3 times.
    cant seem to get a range better than 240 miles .
    if you average over 150 miles a day cant see how you can achieve anything like mpg people are talking about .unless you stop every few hours and charge it
    not heavy in my driving .have never been so conservative and regenerative braking dosent seem to help that much.
    help am I doing something wrong ? I appreciate it will be better when I get a charge point but 140mpg ????

  52. andy, I never use the charge function, unless just before an extended hill climb, so thats probably one cause of your low mpg. however, you should be getting over 40mpg at 70-80, although I have to say this is not the car for regular high speed long trips. Diesel would have been more suitable. Battery capacity will improve when the weather warms up.

  53. I agree with James, ‘charge’ is a real petrol guzzler and I made the same mistake of using it at first, its there for special situations and not routine use. What happens if you do not use it is the PHEV will not let the battery get so flat as to damage normal driving ability (a typical reserve is kept for speeding up when needed).
    The engine can ‘fast charge’ the battery quicker than the car uses it under average conditions so the PHEV runs it for a while, puts some distance in the battery then shuts down until the level hits the low point again. For the spells in between the car can run in electric mode only. This strategy seems to be reasonably economic and can do 40mpg. You have to trust the management system won’t leave you high and dry with no reserve even if the battery meter look perilously flat.

    I also agree the warmer weather will improve things, half my charge is going on heating!

    Why are you not charging Andy? the car comes with charger in the boot, even if you have to use an extension lead as long as its fully uncoiled and decent quality it would be fine. Despite dire warnings its risky like this the car draws about 2kw which is not that bad, like a small fan heater load.

  54. My word I’m insanely jealous. You mean you guys get to drive an Outlander free of road tax…..Utopia. Here in the sister isle road tax comes in at 170 euros. This is the second cheapest rate because of low emissions(44grms). Only cheaper tax band is 120 euros for all electric cars. Traded in a Hyundai IX35 for the Outlander last September and I am quite happy with it. Well over here you need to be a serious earner to own a Landy Defender. You dear Brits would be terrified if I told you the road tax figures for a Landy. Anyway that’s why I have the Outlander, my first jap and I have no complaints. Somebody back there complained about the seats. Well I think she is very comfortable but then I owned and loved an Opel Frontera (oops you call them Vauxhalls) for 15 years and don’t get me started on my classic Minis, so yeah, I would think an Outlander is comfortable. I have clocked up 4000 kilometres (about 2500 miles in the old money) and I reckon she is giving about 46- 50 mpg. I might of course be slightly wrong here having to convert litres to gallons and kilometres travelled to miles. But hey I’m happy

  55. got the OLEV recommended charge and it is much better and if I fast charge when im out and about then I get approx. 40mpg but nothing like advertised mpg .

    electric use approx. 10kwh per charge too at home which seem quite a lot per charge
    having done over 2000 miles in 2and 1/2 weeks still like car and great for BIK but a massive con if you go by published figures and if it wasn’t subsidised by other taxpayers .unless you stop and use fast chargers at every services which are free at the moment but wont be for long

  56. I’ve been for a few test drives in the Outlander PHEV. After the first test drive I was very impressed and was excited to order one. I didn’t find the seats uncomfortable and I loved the responsiveness of the electric motors. However I wanted to hold off ordering one until I’d taken it on my daily commute.

    I currently have a Saab 1.9TTiD 180 Aero, the outlander had to be cheaper than this to run on my commute. I did a test commute (80 miles to work and back on cruise control, 70mpg on dual carriageway) and got 55mpg from the Saab.

    When I started driving the outlander I was impressed with the battery performance on the dual carriageway, however, once the battery ran out the engine was driving the front wheels only (i.e. not charging up the battery at the same time). When I got back the mpg over the 80 miles was 42.5mpg. I was gutted!

    From what I remember, it dipped below 100mpg around 45 miles and below 70mpg at around 60 miles.

    It needs a bigger battery, and a way of charging the battery up when it’s going 70mph. Such a shame, I’m back to the drawing board now looking for something efficient to do my commute, I don’t want another diesel, but might end up there.

    The outlander was a pleasure to drive in town, I loved it. Just make sure you try it on a representative journey before you sink your own money into one.


  57. I am not surprised AndyP, the eco myth of the PHEV draws in and disappoints many, its all a smokescreen. As I have maintained, for someone like me paying company car tax and getting company fuel as its 90% business mileage then its a no brainer choice. This is its true purpose for existence. Even on their Facebook page Mitsubishi are focussing more on the car tax economics rather than economy.

  58. AndyP…

    70mpg on a Saab? That’s impressive! My 8 yrs old 520D is doing not more than 55mpg on a dual carriage way and when I’m stuck in a London jam, 33mpg max! That’s why I’m looking for this phev thingy and want to read both side of the stories 🙂

    thanks all for all the valuable input

  59. Hi, I saw your write up here and thought you might be able to answer. Are you willing to answer a few questions? I’m Brian, ( a total campervan freak ) and I’m driving around your country. Not sure if you do face to face talks, but I really want to know more, you seem to know your stuff. Do you have a forum where you answer questions?

  60. I think some of the comments above are a bit unfair. When I bought my PHEV, the Mitsubishi people were very clear that anyone who regularly drives 150 miles or more would get better economy from the non-hybrid diesel version of the Outlander. The 148 mpg figure is for short distances with a full charge.

    I charge up at home (and in the summer mostly for free because I have solar panels) and do a lot of local journeys and rarely burn any petrol at all. Only when I need to go on a long motorway trip do I use fuel. And then, yes, it’s not particularly brilliant, generally averaging high-30 mpg average on a 300 mile trip. But that’s as good as my previous car, a diesel X-Trail, used to do.

    Sniff is correct that the info/entertainment system is completely pants. And that the car bongs and beeps a lot, although I have eventually discovered how to turn many of these noises off.

    I’d rather have something of BMW 5-series quality too. But until they start making one that costs £35k and that I can plug in and drive silently around for free, I’m stuck with this perfectly serviceable vehicle which suits my family needs just fine.

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