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Question of the week – 24/11/14


QOTWcomedyf12014What was your favourite comedy moment of the 2014 F1 season? 




  1. The moment when Maldonado signed for a very poor Lotus. How droll that he be beaten by the Williams!

  2. Maldonado – all the time. It’s hilarious that he’s still in F1

  3. I’m already detecting a theme here.

  4. Everytime the FOM feed cut to Jennifer Becks <3

    Reason I brought HD.

    No not really, Nicos 'DAMMMIT' after losing pole in Singapore.

  5. It had to be yesterday, with the words “It’s getting wet down below” and then the camera cut to the pits and to Nicole.
    This was just after (or just before; I forget which) she kissed Lewis’ helmet.


  6. I don’t know if it actually happened, but seeing as Mark Webber was in Abu Dhabi, it would have been fantastic if he’d gone and stood outside Vettel’s garage on Saturday after Quali and just stood there laughing.

  7. Can’t pick one moment, but Alonso shouting at Stevens after he dared to fight back was amusing. Plus Lotus mechanics laughing at Pastor’s burning car .

  8. When Paddy Lowe commiserated Rosberg on the radio after Abu Dhabi and you could hear loud celebrating in the background.

    I did feel for Rosberg, but I have to say I had a hearty giggle when that happened.

  9. Romain Grosjean’s new Comedy Catchphrase first uttered in Singapore.

    “I cannot believe it! Bloody engine! Bloody engine! We break our balls for this?”

    It is a worldwide sensation, so much so that customers are often heard repeating it at the Dealerships (although they were doing that before Singapore, minus the Inspector Clouseau accent!)

  10. Sky F1 coverage and the lingering, thoughful look that Martin Brundle gives to camera after the race and is looking to add a sense of seriousness and meaning to the afternoons events. He’s really upped his game this year for th ‘look’ hopefully hes going to use that look after christmas dinner where he can tell Mrs Brundle just how good the potatoes were, considering the mess she had made of the gravy.

  11. US GP – Jenson’s response to being called into the pits after being snubbed the first time in favour of Magnussen. “Are you sure I can come in, [or is there] anybody else you’d like to let through?”

  12. That bit where Renault got rid of all those PRV engines they’d had stockpiled in the canteen storeroom for the past 15 years

  13. Malaysia – ”Felipe, Valtteri is faster than you”

  14. The wry smile every time Mark Webber was asked what he thought of the most recent drubbing Ricciardo had handed out to ze german.

  15. Hamilton’s hair.

  16. Every single Crazy Dave reportizzle.

  17. Vettel being out qualified and finishing behind his team mate most races at Ferrari, no wait, that was the funniest outcome of 2015….

  18. Bernie is still not in jail…..

  19. When Felipe Massa drove into the wrong pit box. Though that wasn’t the actual highlight.

    That came when the cameras panned to Claire Williams immediately after the event, catching her laughing at the Brazilian’s ineptitude.

    TV gold, I tells ya!

  20. Vettell signing for an inferior team and insisting that it wasn’t because D Riccy was faster than him. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Bernie paying a “fine” to dodge a bribery charge

  22. Toto Wolff’s accent when he said ‘it is unacceptable’…

    Suzie Wolff’s video response to Sniff’s voting article

    And Alan McNish accent is awesome- Will the run off at parabolica detract from the excitment? NOOO!

  23. Bernie Eclestone.

    How does anyone take that poisonous little berk at all seriously??

  24. Oooh … oooh … thought of another one … Coulthard on the grid walk yesterday trying desperately not to say to Prost ”I didn’t see you ‘cos you’re a short arse'”

  25. Webber approaching the ‘Danke Seb’ message with a piece of chalk muttering about spelling errors.

  26. SKY F1 giving Jenson a group nipple tweak in Abu Dhabi. In fact, Jenson throughout Abu Dhabi was fantastic, in every interview and on track

  27. Being at the winter test in Jerez watching the Red Bull garage finally opening and hearing the engine start. Danny Rick blipped the throttle, engaged a gear and..thunk!

    Everything died and the team pushed the car back into the garage and closed the door, never to be seen again.

    Cue much raucous jeering and catcalls from the mostly Spanish crowd who were enjoying seeing Alonso whizzing round in the Ferrari.

  28. Jenson Button getting more and more frustrated and sarcastic in his radio messages as the season wore on… and then having to look blank and pretend it was all fine in the interviews after the race.

  29. Rob Smedley’s “missed opportunity” with Ted Kravitz, and Claire Williams trying to suppress laughing at Felipe after the pit-stop oops.

  30. Christian Horner finding Ginger in his beard.

  31. That bit this last race when Pastor Maldonado blew his engine up and the camera cut to his mechanics, who were busy pissing themselves laughing.

  32. A strong candidate has to be Bernie getting out of a court case for bribery by… er… paying a load of money to make it go away.

  33. Bernie getting trapped in the revolving doors during his bribery case was pretty funny.

    That, and Maldonado’s mechanics laughing at their own car on fire (especially as one of their main sponsors is ‘Burn’).

    Nico’s “DAMN IT!” was quite good too.

  34. The French being “Annexed” by the Germans…… AGAIN!

  35. Alonso managing to completely screw another team boss… Taxi for Mattiacci!

  36. And the absolute gem that was “Valtteri is faster than you” Surely queued up by the engineers as a phrase to use during the season…

  37. On watching Lewis spray Nicole from the podium, my wife commenting that she “bets that’s not the first time he’s done that”…!

  38. Jenson qualifying at Abu Dhabi

    Tom Stalling to Jenson on his out lap: “Jenson cool the car and box this lap please”

    Jenson: “Any reason?”

    TS: “Yes Jenson, we need to put fuel in the car”

    JB: “You’re kidding”

    You can’t script this stuff!

  39. The moment when I revealed on another forum that Geri Halliwell was to be Daniil Kvyat’s race engineer next year.

    And had someone believe it!

    And Jenson, generally. I’d like to go to the pub with Jenson. I wouldn’t want to go to the pub with Kimi, though, as I’d worry about never coming back.

  40. Gutierez asking “What was that?” as Maldonado flipped him upside-down.

  41. A few for me, in no particular order:

    Stevens fighting back and re-passing Alonso in Abu Dhabi.

    Maldonado hitting the wall after turn three in Spain on his first lap in qualifying (if I remember correctly).

    Maldonado hitting the pit entry wall in China during practice.

    Maldonado veering off track while looking at his steering wheel in China during practice.

    Maldonado hitting the wall anywhere.

    Maldonado ruing the excessive run-off in Abu Dhabi so setting fire to his car instead.

    Webber doing his Moaning Mansell impression in his BBC report on driver fitness.

    Clearly I’ve failed at picking one.

  42. That funny, little old man getting lost in the revolving door. Bless.

  43. Dirty dirty Nelson Piquet

  44. My favourite funny moment has to be Eddie Jordan unceremoniously ditching his upended umbrella in high winds and rain whilst an uncovered Suzi Perry got increasingly wet and bedraggled next to a perfectly dry Dave Coultard selfishly under his own brolly. Perfectly dryzzizle tighty whitizzizles

  45. Lewis Hamilton completly blanking Putin in the drivers room after the Russian GP.
    Could only have been made funnier if he’d done the old handshake pullout gag.

  46. ^^ That would have been the most amazing thing ever. But possibly the last thing ever (for Lewis).

    My personal funniest moment only happened in my head – during the very emotionally charged BBC item with Romain Grosjean, Alan McNish and Alain Prost’s 1983 Renault. I really really really wanted Grosjean to leave the pits only to have Maldonardo crash in to him at turn three.

  47. Crazy Dave and Eddie J’s Technicolour trousers.

    They know this is shown in colour, right…?

  48. Pastor Maldonado in general!!

    Far too many to pick just the one!

    No, change that…it has got to be the Lotus mechanics pissing themselves laughing as his car went up in flames in the last race!

  49. Any of Shamilton’s DNFs and the proceeding ‘toys out of the pram and blame everyone else’

  50. Lotus engineers laughing at Maldonado’s burning car.

  51. – Justin Bieber taking a selfie with social media expert Bernie Ecclestone in Monaco
    – Fernando Alonso refusing to meet Justin Bieber in Monaco

  52. Ron Dennis’s explanation to the BBC interviewer at Abu Dhabi as to why Mclaren’s 2015 driver line up has not been announced was comedy gold, albeit of the unintentional variety.

    And yes, Ron, I have come to that conclusion after analysing all the data.

  53. It had to be when Martin Brundle completely owned Christian Horner during the Singapore Grand Prix. So Bernie and Christian were standing in the pit garage:

    MB: Do you guys have a few seconds?
    BE: Yea sure.
    MB: Singapore , one of the best grands prix right?
    BE: Yes Singapore is a great place!
    MB : And Christian, can you take it to Mercedes this season, we’ve seen Rosberg has had a problem.
    CH:Yeah hopefully we can be right up there. It is a shame you’re too old to have driven here really.
    MB : I am too old to have driven here ..but erm..
    CH : *Realizing his mistake chimes in with” – “You would have liked it. *But Brundle had his comeback ready by now.
    MB: Shame you wan’t fast enough to get to Formula 1.
    Then realized this was too much of a burn and then went “But you did it in a different way.
    CH : Sheepishly -“Exactly…”
    MB : Well done , good stuff .
    While Bernie was looking at them like “whoa calm down boys”.

    Prolly the best moment this year. and here’s the link to it 😀 Enjoy.

  54. The realization that F1 has become so boring they had to had actually tweaked the points system to make it possible for someone other than Hamilton to win, despite his massive advantage in terms of wins.

  55. I forgot about Kvyat hitting his wheel in Spa Quali and spinning off

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