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Question of the week – 26/01/15


QOTWBonJoviGolfAlright then, what’s the BEST ‘limited edition’ car ever made?




  1. Fiat Seicento Michael Schumacher edition.

    All the sportiness of Ferraris last glory-era, encapsulated into yellow paint, some dubious alloys and a sticker

  2. As homologation specials are by nature restricted to the minimum number necessary for homologation purposes, I vote for the Vauxhall Chevette HS, of which around 400 were made. The earlier HP Firenza (204) and Magnum Sportshatch (197) were not meant to be limited editions, it just worked out that way. Sadly, none are particularly happy with unleaded petrol.

  3. 1987 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth RS500. As per name, only 500 made, and based on the regular Cossie.

    As for a budget supermini with trim and and sticker changes, I have no idea.

  4. Toyota SpongeBob Highlander Tanked Edition. A car with an aquarium in the back AND a Spongebob Squarepants wrap. ‘Nuff said! Shame it had a limited edition of only one vehicle.

  5. Hey I vote for the BMW “Indicus” the yet to be released 3 series limited edition where the indicators actually work.

  6. Anything from Mercedes-Benz with the words “Black Series” in the name.

    Truly evil looking motors that go like Satan on speed.

    Though, if reports from various middle-aged men are anything to go by, the ride in Black Series cars borders on the masochistic.

    So, that being the case, my vote goes to Vauxhall, for their “Antibes” badged cars in the ’80s. Jaunty blue paintwork and go-faster stripes as standard. My Astra Antibes also came with shocking understeer as an optional extra. Pure class.

  7. Plymouth Road Runner Superbird.
    Nosecone with pop-up headlights.
    Roadrunner stickers.
    Huge tail wing to facilitate boot access for the golf clubs/rifles/beer.
    Selection of 400ci + motors.
    A horn that goes, “Meep Meep”.

    We got the vauxhall Firenza droop snoot.

  8. My Favourites, seeing as I have owned one of each at some point in the past, are the Hillman Avenger Tiger, the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus and the Audi UR quattro.

    The Sunbeam was the most fun car I’ve ever had. you just had to be sure that the side windows were always clean because you’d be looking through them most of the time, especially at roundabouts 🙂

  9. First thought:
    Morgan Aeromax. Beautiful. Crazy. Fast

    Conversation finisher:

    Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale.

    The most beautiful thing ever created by man. 2 litre V8, 700 kg.

  10. Renault 5 Le Car Van. A weird cross between a Renault 5 and a pervert’s Bedford van…

  11. Mercedes-Benz 500E.

  12. Ford RS200 fabulous, if only I’d bought one when Ford couldn’t shift them for love nor money and the Jaguar XJ220 and the Metro 6R4.

  13. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Mäkinen Edition.

    Pretty much The Don in terms of 2000s rally reps.

    Meaningful and unique changes over the standard VI, great presence, awesome on road and has the racing pedigree to carry off the otherwise ridiculous graphics, spoiler etc.

  14. I was also lucky enough to own a ‘Talbot’ Sunbeam Lotus, (albeit still with Chysler pentastars plastered all over it) – but don’t consider it was a ‘limited edition’ in the most accepted sense.

    To most, an LI is a cheap marketing ploy applied to a modest/cheapish car – mechanically boggo standard, but with either differing paint, seat fabric/trim, iffy decals/stripes, a tad more equipment, (usually of the easy-to-bolt-on variety) or an obvious tie-in with a famous brand.

    Using that criteria, I nominate the first brand-new car I bought and proudly owned for 11 years – the 1990 FIAT Panda Sergio Tacchini – potent 999cc F.I.R.E. with 5 speeds no less – and resplendent in dark metallic grey, (or blue) with BRIGHT green trim, (thankfully looked much better than it reads here)

    I spent many happy miles spanking that bitch…

  15. excuse above typo 🙁 – for ‘LI’ read ‘LE’

  16. Ferrari 250 GTO – It’s a special-bodied 250 GT, Mister FIA. Look, we made 100 sets of door handles, so sure we’ll make more than 39 of them. Honest.

  17. Another vote for the Lotus Sunbeam. Never had one, but had a Ti which after some fettling was equally mental.

    Otherwise it has to be the Astra Belmont “Club”. Specially made to have no equipment at all BUT with natty stickers. Quality.

  18. Has to be the Lotus Carlton, still one of my favourites.

  19. As a boy racer ‘back then’, it would have to be the Mk2 Astra GTE 16v run-out edition with full cow. Some called it “Leather Edition”, some called it “London Edition” – but it is known now as the “Champion”.

    C20XE, full Recaro Cow and a diggie dash. It doesn’t get any better.

  20. 24k gold-plated Delorean

  21. Holden Commodore Vacationer. Had one of these jobbies in 1983 (VH) estate form. Could get them with anything from a 173 cubic inch six to a 253 cubic inch V8 with either a four speed manual, five speed manual (173 only) and three speed automatic. All they were was standard power steering and air conditioning, a chromed roof rack on the estate versions and pin striping with Vacationer on them. This name was also used on a few Kingswoods in the seventies.
    Another one is the early 1980’s Ford Falcon S Packs. Just some orange pin stripes, different cloth trim, different front bumper with integral front spoiler and a pair of driving lights with either a 250 cubic inch six or 302 cubic inch or 351 cubic inch Cleveland V8s with either a four speed manual or three speed automatic. These had no decals or anything to say it was an S pack, although the bright orange paint is usually how you’d tell.
    Others were the Valiant Charger White Knight, which could be had in either white or black with special decals, full instrumentation on the dash and not much else, Holden LE which was the last of the first run of Holden two doors in 1976, the Ford Landau which was an Australian Ford LTD in two door form, the R/T series of Valiant Chargers and the four barrel versions of the older Valiant Pacer.

  22. 1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R N1

    A quarter of a century ago we all thought the Sierra RS Cosworth was a good car because we had no idea what Nissan had unleashed 6,000 miles to the east of us.

    Until we all bought Play Stations and our eyes were forced open by Kazunori Yamauchi’s first iteration Gran Turismo. The original R32 GT-Rs were a bit lardy of course, but the N1 limited edition got them down to a respectable 1400kgs.

    Proper game changer. Pun intended.

  23. The ’92 BRG: a 1992 Mazda MX5 in British Racing Green with tan leather interior.

  24. Volvo 340 Millionaire.

  25. They haven’t made one…..

  26. I’m a big fan of homologation specials – especially those built for Groups A and B.

    The Veyron Super Sport has to be up there somewhere, too.

    Also, and even though it’s an aftermarket conversion so not strictly meeting the criterea, some German bloke called Gunter Artz built half a dozen Porsche 928s with adapted Mk1 Golf bodies on them in about 1980. Maybe not the ‘best’ LE, but surely among the most entertaining…

  27. Peugeot 306 Rallye is probably worth a mention

  28. The Capri Brooklands.

  29. Ford Fiesta ‘Fresco’. How much fun is a car named after a jazz mag and an outdoor meal!

  30. Disappointed to find out that the Skoda Felicia Fun was a normal production model?.Must have been too popular to limit production.

    I have always been quite the fan of both the Cavalier Calibre and Nova Sport, despite being generally apathertic towards Vauxhall.

    The Megane R26R has always appealed, given it’s the perfect car to convince everyone you know that you’re a bit of a twat.

  31. Lotus Elise Sport 160. A grumpy, badly mapped metro engine, too long gearing and “interesting” reliability.

    But, gorgeous, and utterly awesome when it gets on cam.

  32. Some frankly bizarre suggestions here!

    As any fool knows, no other automobile compares to the majesty of a Peugeot 205 Roland Garros Cabriolet Edition Limited, so successful was this critically acclaimed tennis themed small hatched convertible that the Roland Garros Edition lives on to this day in the fine Peugeot 308CC Roland Garros Edition, available for as little as 48 monthly payments of £441.83 (deposit required terms and conditions may apply offer not available in Hull, Rochester or Upper-Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe)

  33. Polo Harlequin, surely?

  34. Saab 99 Turbo 5 (not 3) door (UK LE of 100 in metallic red/purple)

  35. Holland and Holland Range Rover. Think the first one came with free booze.

  36. Has to be the Mk1 Lotus Cortina…think back to the mid 60’s and this car was years ahead of anything else out there.

  37. Aston Martin Cygnet.

    On the basis that it was never intended to be a limited production model, but pretty obvious right from the start that it was going to be as only fifteen people worldwide have the right unmanaged mental health disorders to buy a thirty five grand Toyota iQ.

  38. Gentlemen: May I present possibly the finest and most limited of limited editions, the Vauxhall Astra GMx?

    Limited edition not inasmuch as there were only 200 of eVar! but the local dealers took a bog standard astra and screwed a spoiler on the back, plonked a clock & cig lighter in the dash and slapped a sticker on it’s rump.

    Now that’s what I call luxury motoring for a very select few.

    Oh, and they made it to coincide with the opening of an exibition centre, Manchester’s GMEX, now known as Manchester Central. One must be worth oooohh……pence these days

    This is the best! You may as well all pack up and go home now!

  39. Alfa Romeo 155 Silverstone.

    All the bits of a honologattion special, just loose in the boot.

  40. Alfa Romeo Brera “S”

    Take 500 of the best looking coupes of recent times and get Prodrive to fettle the suspension and add fancy wheels and exhaust

  41. Smart Roadster/Coupe Finale Edition because it had a starter button on top of the gearstick.

  42. Allegro Van Den Plas.

    Game over.

  43. Also, VW are re-creat8ing the multi-coloured Harlequin for 2015.

    It’s called the VW Cumberbatch.

  44. Sorry Chaps n Ladies. The Range Rover Dormoble, under 10 made thank god, went round corners in a pant filling way due to being monstrously top heavy with the lifting roof. Great for sleeping off Bolly and a bonk with Fiona at Hickstead though. The Rangey bought a new meaning to “bunk up”

  45. 997 GT3 RS 4.0.


  46. Some of my favs incude the Peugeot 205 T16 (the Group A homologation limited edition).

    But if you want crazy try the Holden Monaro 427 Bathurst. This car was specifically built to win the Bathurst 24 Hour race (which it did first time out) after promising to build 50 for FIA homologation. It was essentially a 2 door V8 Supercar in ‘road going’ form. Production was capped at fewer than 10. I guess there wasn’t much point after they won the race!

  47. Does a Tickford Capri count? As 8 year old I loved the “standard” 3.0S (in orange please), by the time I was 10 it had been replaced by the 2.8i and then came the Tickford with added turbocharger. I remember the press car being pearlescent white (years ahead of its time).I still want one.

  48. Honda Discovery. Okay it wasn’t a limited edition but I just wanted to mention it because i bet you didn’t know that Honda sold a rebadged 1st gen Disco in Japan.

  49. The South African BMW 333i built in the late 1980s because we didn’t get the E30 M3 here.

    Unique ride with the Alpina mags and the choice or power steering or air conditioning because there wasn’t enough space under the bonnet for both 🙂

  50. Clio Be-bop. It’s 20 year old and despite being heavily neglected before I go it and then I neglected it, it still works passes MOT’s etc. I am commuting in it currently and because the battery is getting charge I can listen to the radio!! What an age we live in.

  51. Saab 900 Ruby edition, final run out for the heavily aged Swede. Cooler than Pingu in a fridge on release, and now way Cooler than Penguin Piss!

  52. Ferrari 288 GTO
    That is all.

  53. Nev @ 29 January 2015 at 4:14 pm

    Re: Honda Discovery 1

    Yep. I know that, but I had forgotten I knew it.
    There are few getting around NZ, not because they were sold new in NZ but because importing second hand vehicles from Japan into NZ can be quite economic.

  54. Citroen 2CV Charleston. Nice!

  55. Do RenaultSports count as a limited edition?

  56. VW Polo G40 and Corrado G60.
    Had the G40 – fun keeping up with Subaru Imprezza Turbos, that aren’t even breaking a sweat yet wondering how a wee Eurobox is keeping pace. Corrado a bit weird, Golf front supension and Passat entire rear setup – but must have been a dirty given how much of a giggle my G40 was.
    Holland and Holland Range Rover – H&H kept it’s in-built drinks cabinet filled free for a year, and could spec it with a pair of rifles!
    Alfa Romeo 155 Silverstone – excellnt rule bending (including go-faster bits but left in boot) helped Gabriele Tarquini win the BTCC in ’94.
    V6 Clios always smacked of the French seeing a Metro 6R4 and thinking ‘mmm, back seat a humoungous engine and add mentalisment, fantastique!!’

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