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Question of the week – 02/02/15


QOTWMcLarenliveryRon Dennis says McLaren’s livery will change in 2015. What should it change to?




  1. Ummm. Can’t comment on the rest of the car, but ” Running in, please pass” seems appropriate at the moment.

  2. White with flashing orange lights cobines with a dayglow orange triangle motif!

  3. Honda white – obviously – will match the flag they can fly when getting passed by the Merc’s and Red Bulls and William’s and even Pastor in his Lotus I think.

  4. Can someone photoshop the car entirely in Dolmio livery please

  5. Black swans.

    Knackered toasters.

    Ox-bow lakes filled with custard.

    Blankety Blank cheque book and pen sets.

    Basically, any old bollocks the marketing department can dream up to make McLaren appear interesting and mysterious.

  6. Either the black and gold of John Player Special, blue and white of Gitanes, purple white and gold of Silk cut. The white, red and black of Marlboro is quite fetching as well. Wot u mean, fag packet advertising is not allowed?

    **wonders off to watch the 1985 Belgian Grand Prix**

  7. How about something that looks like a fag packet, but isn’t, but is!

  8. Any colour, just make up your bleeding mind Ron and paint the car!

  9. I miss the blue and green 7up Jordans. So that!

  10. sniff PETROL orange and white.

  11. British Racing Green, tan leather upholstery, walnut dash, wire rims,big leather belt holding bonnet shut, nice big wireless tuned into the light programme. Just right for a Sunday afternoon spin round the circuit. A return to core British values. It’s not the winning it’s the taking part…

  12. BAR livery, circa 2003. That’ll make Jenson feel right at home when he’s standing by the side of the track, arms folded, watching the marshals tending to a smoking Honda engine…

  13. Matt Hubbard, you wanted Dolmio? Here’s a quickie.

  14. I don’t think that they should tell us what colour they’ve decided on until the end of the season.

  15. Nick81 – Cigarettes?

    Let’s keep up to date with today’s fashions and go for plain packaging – dirty brown with pictures of cancer/gangrene-ridden body parts whizzing round a circuit being watched by half a billion people.

    If I was a crazy billionaire I would even be happy to sponsor them. (Elon? Bill? Melinda? Mark?)

  16. In the purple of Cadburys Dairy Milk, then Alonso’s car can look like a ‘Freddo’ and Jenson’s car can be in the ‘Buttons’ livery, obviously. Any spare cars can just look like a Boost wrapper. As in turbo, or something.

  17. They should overlay an image of those wonderful buggies they also make, they could make the spoiler look just like the handles. You never know if they suffer from reliability issues this season you could get to see a marshal pushing it down the road together with a crying baby in the seat.

  18. Championship White would meet the acceptable level of sponsor logo background quota while simultaneously indicating an above average quote of retrospect for the incoming automotive drive unit supplier.

    This should be couple with a appropriate amount of red colouring material in order achieve an optimal amount of historical referenceness.

  19. Go the Nascar way and have a new livery every two races with the most improbable array of sponsors. Supermarkets, energy drinks, e-cigs, mayonnaise, firearms, pregnancy tests, the next Dreamworks 3D animated movie, alcoholic beverages, washing powders, some burger franchise, everything works !

    Or at least go back to orange and have J├Ągermeister sponsorship for the German GP. That would look great.

  20. It should be rose tinted to match Ron’s expectations – but given how long he took to make a fairly easy decision on drivers, this one could run on and on….. or should that be Ron on and on…… or maybe a French colour (e.g. a flag in white) in deference to Eric Billious.

  21. Given the engine, white with a big red spot? Or Rover’s Chromaflair purple/green flip?

    BTW, if you’re hankering after a serious Landie try, also what about a Trentham Sleaves T shirt?

  22. I think Ron should fall out with the other shareholders, keep everyone waiting until the season is over, and then just pick the old livery, and out the new livery on a test car

  23. Put out the new livery on a test car even

  24. Pink Oxford cloth. Respect.

  25. Dirty yellow wiv ‘Ron’s Independent Racers – New York, Paris & Woking’ decals. Luvvly Jubbly.

  26. The car should be covered with sackcloth and liberally sprinkled with ashes as penance for signing that bounder Alonso.

  27. What came after the 80s fashion for black ash furniture with red and chrome bits?

    Was it pastel shades of yellow, pink and grey? If so, that.

    Evolution not revolution and so on.

  28. The Pink Pig ­čÖé

  29. Tweed. With each driver sporting a cap and a pipe, the things perform like something from the 50’s so they might as well look it too.

  30. Teflon, in homage to Nando’s slippery escape from the Crashgate fallout.

  31. Special speed-detecting paint that only reveals its true colour at competitive race pace. Oh, wait…

  32. Ferrari red. Oh wait – they got in trouble for something like that a few years ago.

  33. British Leyland/Austin Brown. Such an underused colour these days

  34. I think the car should be painted up like a late ’70s Honda Civic.

    That way, when the car is moderately quick, everyone will be surprised.

    In other words, the ultimate street sleeper. Much like a Rover 600ti.

  35. Ron’s smiling, benevolent face.

  36. How about Black with an orange light-bar on top? With ‘Paramedic’ on the sides. And room for a stretcher.

    It might then at least serve some purpose.

    Or get beaten by the actual doctors car.

  37. Er, it looks as though it might not matter what colour it is unless they can shake all the nasty little gremlins out of it…… and then maybe they should choose something that isn’t identical to the Farce India from the front….. although, we haven’t really seen too much of that yet….

  38. it should be red / white strips, to look like a mobile chicane…

  39. Given that Alonso should have gone to jail for attempted blackmail, how about black and white, cartoon convict stripes?

  40. Cilit Bang sponsorship – black, white and pink. Will be same sound Honda engines will make when they go pop, and can have the slogan ‘Bang – and the race is gone’.

  41. And Ron Dennis can replace Barry Scott. ‘Look at my shiny tuppence!!!!’

  42. Totally white. Because that’s the colour of the flag they should be running up the pole when that dung heap of a car predictably and repeatedly expires on the track.

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