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Question of the week – 13/07/15


QOTWHamWimbWhich racing driver is most likely to get turned away from which event, and why?




  1. Jacques Villeneuve. Because, well, he’s Jacques Villeneuve and therefore a ghastly cunt.

  2. Pastor Maldonado…. Anywhere… For an incident in the car park.

  3. Sir Stirling Moss, to be turned away from the World Conference on Women.

  4. Taki Inoue from any “Tatra Owners Club” meeting because panels are expensive..

  5. Max Mosley, refused attendance to a World War II re-enactment society meeting. For the wearing of the incorrect type of stockings and suspenders for the period.

  6. Kimi Räikkönen from an AA meeting for handing out vodka to everyone.

  7. Pastor Maldonado- he’ll crash it anyway

  8. Eddie Jordan… From the plain English society meeting

  9. Max Chilton from the “Arm crossing convention” due to his inability to perform the action successfully during F1 grid graphics…. Alonso would be the guest of honour.

  10. Any “Celeb” that turns up at any F1 meeting who is suddenly a “Number 1 Race-Fan!!” of whoever gave them the freebie hospitality trip.

  11. Nigel Mansell- unless it is a slumber party.

  12. Jackie Stewart – Wimbledon – for wearing those ghastly tartan trousers, even if he does have a Jacket and tie.

  13. Gerhard Berger from “Tourettes Sufferers Anonymous”… for bad language.

  14. Lewis Hamilton from RuPaul’s DragCon. Although he has the 5 carat diamond earrings, refuses to go ‘full queen’ with 6 inch heels.

  15. Taki Inoue for attempting to join a road safety meeting.

  16. Christian Horner from the International Yes/No Game World Championships. Previous DQ for time wasting.

  17. Nico, because he’s not as quick as Lewis.

  18. Adrian Sutil from the opening of a new Pilkington Glass factory…

  19. Bertrand Gachot from the London Cabbies Christmas do… (how do they all get home by the way?)

  20. Jody Scheckter – Anger Management 101

  21. Eliseo Salazar from a Muay Thai event. Nelson Piquet would be guest of honour.

  22. @Don Cha

    If Max is refused entry to an event, he can just send the girls round to sort out the organisers.

  23. Fernando Alonso from The Champion Ferrari Drivers Annual Dinner. It appears he’s not welcome at the McLaren one either….

  24. Mark Webber from Wimbledon also, which happens to be sponsored by a major Squash manufacturer.

  25. Gerhard Berger as the guest speaker at the annual dinner of The Polite Society.

  26. Felipe Massa, from the Race of Champions.

  27. Jason Plato / annual awards of the UK Board of Potatoes.

    I hear he’s not keen.

  28. Crazy Dave, from wimbledon because his pants, while white, are too tight!

  29. Vettel, from Webber’s summer barbie…

  30. Kimi from Speaker’s Corner.

  31. Assuming having raced in Britcar qualifies someone as being a racing driver, Jeremy Clarkson is likely to be turned away from the BBC executives Christmas Dinner. This will be due to his lack of bow tie and no other reasons whatsoever. Ahem.

  32. Roberto Mehri… from anything resembling a race involving motor cars after recent events.

  33. James Hunt from any debutantes ball…

  34. Driver: Eddie Irvine
    Event: Competing in the Reno Balloon Race
    Reason for ban: External assistance

  35. a) Vittorio Brambilla
    b) Chimpanzees’ tea party
    c) Bad manners

  36. Driver: Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button
    Event: McLaren-Honda Christmas party
    Reason for ban: Will not be on speaking terms by that time

  37. Richard Porter, at a filming event located at an old airfield just outside of Dunsfold. It’s OK, he clearly never reads these things.

  38. Sorry, I mean (Censored)

  39. Felipe Massa – from Schools for taking kids and parading them around the F1 Grid

  40. Kimi Raikkonen – from the Happy Society

  41. Daniel Ricciardo – Banned from the free toothpaste giveaway event.

  42. Sergio Perez – Banned from Formula One – END OF

  43. Sterling Moss – The HSE Lift Safety Awards

  44. Carlos Sainz – banned from the Citroen Factory Tour for confusing the French

  45. Will Stevens – Banned from, WHO ?

  46. Sir Jackie Stewart – Banned from Scotland for bring the country into Disrepute for constantly wearing Tartan

  47. I would imagine Pastor Maldonado from the Euro NCAP tests, because of industrial action by the dummies.

  48. Susie Wolff from the BRDC Christmas Dinner hosted by Sir Stirling Moss.

    A woman? In motorsport!? Preposterous!!

  49. Lewis Hamilton…..from anything. Purely because he’s a vile little arrogant c**t

  50. Nigel Mansell

    banned from

    The Pub


    It’s Happy Hour

  51. Fernando Alonso, turned away from the launch party for the new Gillette 7-blade razor.

  52. Paul Hembery from the Fleet owners annual awards dinner, for making tires that are deliberately a bit pants, and need replacing all the time.

  53. Pastor Maldonado, from the National Skincare Awards.

  54. Mass from weight watchers: “Felipe, Fernando is fatter than you”

  55. Ant Davidson, from world limbo championships.

    Do I REALLY need to explain why?

  56. Max Verstappen
    banned from watching the latest Avengers film at the cinema
    because it’s PG and he didn’t bring his parents

  57. Pastor Maldonado from , well anything really because he will crash it any way .And he is really ugly.

  58. Ron Dennis – the local farmyard event – they already have enough bullsh*t

  59. Ron Dennis
    Goodwood Festival of Speed
    His F1-ers a breach of the trades’ descriptions act of the event and so he doesn’t spot the engines he should have got are actually in the new NSX (and a natty range hybrid quad-bikes & ride-on lawnmowers).

    Cyril Abiteboul (MD RenaultSport F1)
    Christian Horner & Geri Haliwell’s wedding
    Chris’ gift list asked for more horses, Cyril brought Tesco beefburgers.

  60. Taki Inoue from the annual GT Academy fan club meeting

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