gobothways.jpgWith two races already out of the way in the 2008 F1 season, Lewis Hamilton’s hopes of securing his first driver’s championship already seem to be slipping away after his disappointing performances in Australia and Malaysia proved that the young star from Hertfordshire has renewed focus and could already have the ’08 title sewn up.

Hamilton’s winning form of last season seemed appears to have deserted him, especially in Malaysia where he surely watched his chances of securing that elusive championship victory slip away, whilst in Australia his decisive win aptly demonstrated that the Hertfordshire driver’s abilities are stronger than ever and that it’s undoubtedly only a matter of when, and not if, he wins the ultimate F1 prize.

Formula 1 experts are struggling to understand just how the McLaren driver seems to have lost his once-impressive ability and many are still reeling at how his driving seems to have become more confident and unbeatable this season, without question meaning that his championship dreams are over when he wins it in a matter of months, maybe even days.

One thing is for sure. Lewis Hamilton really needs to up his game and relax knowing he’s the best driver in Malaysia because he will be against strong competition in a class of his own with that 2008 world title now out of reach in his pocket and impossible to achieve in the bag. Meanwhile, for rival drivers there seems to be only one message: It’s yours for the taking as you give up and go home!

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